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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I got in Trouble with Myra

Yesterday morning I told Myra I was going to walk to the river to look at how low the level was and I was taking the small shotgun in case a Grouse was wondering around. I inferred I would be back shortly and would be working in the yard. Well, Me and the dogs walked to the river. It is down so far that there is a walkable bank as far as the eye can see. I walked the bank down river for a couple hundred yards, I found a fresh water "seep" coming out of the bank. I goofed around with it for a while and dug a hole under it and created a fresh water pool. I decided to let it settle for a bit and then I was going to check the water quality. WELL, I started to walk down river. A couple of hundred yard turned into a couple of miles. I found another seep that someone had been using in days past. There was a pipe and a plastic can lid laying there. I dug at this one for a minute, built a small dam and installed the pipe. I have great fresh running water at about a gallon a minute coming out of the pipe. This seep is about a half mile from the cabin. It is now our closest water source and it is really clear and cold and great to drink! Anyhow, I walked far enough down river that I could see a cabin at the entrance to Fish Lakes Creek. Probably 2 miles or so. I saw BIG bear prints in the sand at one point, and eagles nest, badgers den, great views of the mountains etc. You could say I got lost in my surroundings, It was an awesome time with me, the dogs and Gods creations.
Meanwhile back at the ranch there is this women. She doesn't think much about the first hour of my disappearance, she is busy doing her thing. Then this women, well she looks at the clock and realizes her man is nowhere to be found. Thoughts go through her head, Alaska, Cold fast water, Guns, Bears, slippery rocks, husband that doesn't always think fully ahead, Hmmmmmm. Worry, don't worry? Yep, worry is the choice.
This women gets herself dressed for the outdoors, straps on her Gun and goes man hunting. She takes the ATV to the river, calls for her man. No answer, no sign of him, no dogs around. OK, he probably did not fall in the river cause the dogs would be around right? Maybe he took off into the woods hunting for dinner? Holler some more and still no answer. (This is a picture of the Yenlo Hills, they are just North West of us) Before she takes off down the trail thru the woods check the fuel tank on ATV. Shoot, it is low on fuel so back to the cabin to fill up before continuing the man hunt. ATV is full, which way do I start this man hunt she thinks? Well he left down the trail toward the river so I will go back around that way first. She knows the trail is blocked from a downed tree (wind storm & the missing husband has not cleared that trail yet) but she can go for a ways then come back around past the cabin and go that way from the back trail if need be. OK back to the highest hill on the property and near the river, she stops and hollers at the top of her lungs for her Husband. ROGERRRrrr, ROGERRRrrr. Then there is an answer, Yea Hello, where are you I answered? She answers "On top of Torture Hill, where are you?" I am down the river bank I answered. OH she says. I tell her I will be there in a little while and she responds OK. I was still a good half mile down river during this conversation but sound carries very well over the water and it was a calm day. I walk slowly with the dogs, enjoying the rest of our walk. I get to our landing area and there SHE is, waiting for me. Ooops, I explain that I couldn't get the dogs to turn around, there is a new water source, I took pictures, I saw an Eagles nest, I took more Pictures, Bear prints, the mountains were pretty, I got side tracked, I got lost in our space, It was Gods time. NOTHING WORKED, I was in trouble. She left her gun in its' holster but she did get her man! I might still be in trouble, it's hard to tell because she does not talk to me very much today. I don't know what that means and I have learned after 31 years of marriage, don't start asking questions if you don't want to know the answers.
Well, I did get a lot of work done later in the day yesterday and all day today. It is amazing how much a man can do when he feels a need to stay out of the house.
Time to change the subject.
It snowed this morning and 2" to 4" is forecast for tonight. We will see if that happens or not. The snow this morning came down hard for about an hour but did not stick to anything for long.
We have been working diligently around here most of the time, doing the final preparation work for winter. I am sure I will find out what I am missing, when God is ready to teach me another lesson. The boat is ready, the buildings are ready, the yard is ready (I'll get pictures tomorrow I think), the snowmachines are ready except for installing the belts and one battery needs charged (tomorrow), the wood pile will be an ongoing thing this year, but we have a start, the fuel oil furnace (for back up heat) is working, we have groceries, fuel oil, propane and gasoline stock piled. Let it snow!

These pictures are all from yesterday morning. That "cliff" bank is the south west side of the gravel bar in front of our place. This is the same gravel bar that was completely under water about a month ago. The water is down about 11' from then and this is normal for this time of year.
The snow covered mountains above are Mt Foraker (left) Hunter (center/right) and Mt McKinley (right) the top of McKinley is covered with clouds. The Boulder in the water is one that is right in the normal route that we take going in and out of our little cove off the main river channel. The close up of the eagles nest gives you a little perspective how big the nest is. The branches it is built on are about 12" around. Look how many branches it would take to span the nest.
It was a fantastic walk yesterday and very productive since then.
Life is Good and God is Great, He gives everything to appreciate!
I really Really REALLY appreciate Myra,
Thanks for being with us Ya all!
See Ya,


  1. LMAO....I'm sorry Myra but I had to laugh. I have been on both sides of the situation so I know the concern/fear and the carefree/wandering freedom of enjoying God's creations and losing all track of time. You're a lucky man Roger. You're lucky she left the gun in the holster........LOL. Keep blogging! It let's us know you haven't killed each other!

  2. LOL As soon as you started as to how you got into trouble I knew exactly where it was going and sorry to Myra, I am afraid I would have done the same thing in such beautiful country and seeing everything he did on his walk HOWEVER!! I can see why she would have been upset when you live in the Alaskan Outback where you really need to know where each other is at all times whenever possible. I am glad she kept the gun in the holster too. Thank you for the laugh at the end of the day, your blogging and pictures always bring a smile to my face.

  3. Indeed, you are a brave man, and Myra a woman of great self restraint. We too laughed, because we have waded into those worry times. Glad you were safe and took such great pictures. Hope that all is well by now. We love your blog, read it faithfully and pray for you daily. Hugs-D3 and Kd2

  4. Exactly what Away said! those pictures are AMAZING! Even if you did get in trouble for taking the time ;) Myra way to keep the gun holstered!