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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Boat Trailer is Here

Well, I keep talking about how much I learn around here, It just continues to happen. Most of the things I learn, I learn by accident and or I just have an Ah Ha moment and realize I learned something and it had not dawned on me until now.

The boat capabilities is another one of those things. I have been talking about running this river and all of the hidden gravel bars etc, and how much concentration it takes to stay in the deep(er) water. This is all true, however; as I was going back down river the other day I had one of those Ah Ha moments. I can now see many of those gravel bars that used to be under water and their shapes and depths out of the water. I can see the places where I have hit bottom with the boat and those places really stick out in my memory. This all leads up to how much I really have learned about reading the river and the currents and deep areas versus shallow.

I made another run to the landing and went into town. I made the trip with no GPS unit and took a little different route around a section of river where I hit bottom last time. I did not hit bottom, I only had a couple of scarey moments but, in general I was much more relaxed. I am not saying I have this down to a science because I am still driving a boat on a fast flowing body of water that has the clarity of a milk shake, but, I let go of the fear and trusted what I learned over the summer of high water and invisible gravel bars. Now I can see a lot of the gravel bars and remember what they looked like in the current when I could not see them. I just avoided the currents and characteristics that I had seen around the (invisible) gravel bars that I can now see and walla! I made a relaxed round trip on a very low river.

I did bring up the boat trailer and another 60 gallons of gasoline. Trips to town should be all done until after freeze up. Now it is just work around here, and maybe a little visit time with the neighbors. I still have not taken the boat out of the water, but I can when we need to now. We still have enough water to drive around locally.
I also bought an inexpensive "Matched Pair" 22 Rifle / 4-10 Shotgun. It has one stock and receiver but two barrels that are easy to interchange. This way I can go bird hunting and not blow them to pieces or torture them with the pellet gun.

Myra planted strawberry plants today that we got from Patty over at Bentalit Lodge. She also dug up an area in front of the cabin to plant some flower bulbs. She stopped short of planting those bulbs but I am pretty sure she will finish it on Sunday. She is not real happy with me and the camera at this moment, she is kind of telling me where to take it during this picture. That is a lolipop stick in her mouth in case you are wondering. Hans hung around with her while she was digging. I did not get the camera fast enough to catch him trying to play with the shovel while she was trying to work. It was really funny!The biggest danger to the strawberry plants will be Hans' love of digging. If Hans lets them survive then all we have to watch for is the Bears and Moose as the ripen. The area where she planted these will be our garden area next year, God Willing.
I did get the work shop cleaned up today and re-grouped to start back on projects. I then started siding the back porch. I got all of the T-111 siding up (4') and started the lap siding. I hope to get the siding done tomorrow and maybe even get a door or two installed. I get you pictures when it is done (for this year). We are not intending to insulate it or do interior wall coverings at this time, it is just for storage of all the items we don't need to keep in the cabin. I may also put some of my more expensive tools in there for the winter just for moisture sakes. I will get my other temporary building up soon but I don't think I have enough time to build any kind of floor in it.
Hard to say how far I will get on the porch tomorrow for sure. I have to go get water and may fix the other ATV. It has been setting so long the battery went dead. I was trying to pull start it today and broke the dog gone pull rope. Now I have more fixing to do. Anyhow, two ATVs would be nice because we want to go visit Eric and Shan over at Northwoods Lodge and two of us on one ATV is a little hard on our one person machines.
The weather is still gorgeous once the fog lifts each day. It is predicted to be sunny all the way through next Thursday. It is so foggy in the mornings it is hard to do much out doors because it is so wet and "drippy". the fog does not lift until around 2:00 some days. Other days we don't see any fog at all but the temperatures are the same, just different humidity levels.
Enough said for today.
Thank You very much for reading along with our adventure!
Talk to you Soon,

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  1. Hello! I think of you guys often and miss our chats. Glad to read that you are doing well.