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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We are Gaining on It

First, I have no new pictures today just some of the flowers down at Yentna Station. Myra was playing with her camera.
The day after my last blog we went over to Fish Lakes Creek to unload the boat trailer off of the boat. Myra took the ATV over and met me at the boat landing over there. Much to my surprise the landing was pure Muck. The water has dropped low enough that the lake bed is exposed for about 15 feet past solid ground at the landing. I was able to get the boat near the landing and we threw a board out. I walk the tongue of the trailer out to the board and walked on the board up to "less deep" muck onto shore. We ended up pulling the trailer off of the boat with the ATV winch, onto two pieces of plywood over and through the muck. We are now going to have to get back over there in the next day or two and have Tom pull the boat over the muck with his bulldozer and we will winch it up onto the trailer. Oops, waited too long.
Sunday morning was spent listening to the Nascar race on the radio (internet). Myra is a Tony Stewart fan. He was winning the race with one lap to go, then he ran out of gas. Shortly there after I found other things to do. Most of Sunday was spent doing little things. I went for two trips of water and we have 100 gallons on site right now. Then go check on the boat and split a little wood, (stay away from Myra).
When all was good, we went over to the neighbors for a visit, first Tom and Patty at Bentalit Lodge then over to Eric and Shans' at North Woods Lodge. No big adventures or excitement, mainly relax and enjoy the beautiful day.
Monday we worked on the Back Porch most of the day. We got all of the siding on except for the high tedious cuts, and I got the outer door installed. Myra baked bread (I love bread day) and a baked Pork dinner with potatoes and carrots.
Pretty Non Exciting the last couple of days. It is a nice break from all of the "learning" experiences.
We will try to get the boat out today I think.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you sincerely, for caring enough to read this.

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  1. Sounds like life is good. You're a smart guy when you know when to lay low!! Now that the river is low and the boat is out does that mean you're isolated until Spring thaw?