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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well we are still in town (Wasilla). As usual everything took longer than we thought.
Oh well. Anyway I am going to try and post some of the pictures I have taken (not many yet) so hopefully I can figure that out.
Just to bring things up to speed at the cabin:
Day 1: Our river guide Dan met us at Deshka Landing and we followed him to Yentna Station Roadhouse which he and his wife Jean own and operate. We had met them in February when we were on our snowfari and immediately hit it off with them. We all had lunch and then Dan led us the rest of the way up river to our new "home". It ended up being a little farther up river than we had figured by about 8 miles but you will have that. Dan and his son unloaded the stuff of ours they had on their boat and headed back towards their place. OK here we are, now we have to get to the cabin. First trip we took the animals and ourselves and that was enough. There was barely a trail to get through the 4 foot high weeds etc and only that because Roger had walked it about 5 days prior.
OK we made the cabin. Now to get some of our stuff from down by the river (about 600' from cabin to boat landing. Left the cats in the cabin and headed back to boat. Carried as much as we could to cabin. We decided to take a break, catch our breath for a minute. As we were sitting in the cabin talking we heard a strange rubbing type noise on the outside of the cabin and felt the cabin wiggling a little. Roger looked out the kitchen area window and told me to get the camera THERE WAS A BLACK BEAR RUBBING HIS BACK ON THE EDGE OF THE CABIN!!! Anyway as you will see I didn't get much of a picture as the bear heard us and took of into the weeds. (you can barely see his butt in the lower right quarter of the picture).

Since that first day we have made a few trips into town to haul more of our stuff up to the cabin as well as 2 ATV's (One at a time on the boat). Along with that there has been a lot of weed wacking to clear the area around the cabin to cut down on them giant skeeters they have up here and also to make it easier to see bears before they get to close! Roger did have one come to check him out one day while he was outside burning trash, running the generator and some other stuff. He heard a noise and turned around and the bear was about 30' away. He yelled at it and it took off back into the woods but needless to say we now make sure we have ours guns anytime we are outside.

Roger has also been working on jacking up the cabin to put new pilings under it and I have been busy helping when needed with that stuff and also with cleaning the inside. We have done a lot already but we have a lot more to do before winter hits. We still need to cut wood and dig a root cellar.

One of the biggest time eaters right now is coming to town. It takes 3 hours to get from the cabin to the landing where we park a truck and then another hour to get to Wasilla to shop. And we have had to take care of some stuff in Anchorage and that is another hour from Wasilla. Twice we have done a one day trip of coming into Wasilla, getting some groceries, loading some of our stuff on the boat and heading back to the cabin. This makes for a very long day. Oh well we are gaining on it and we are loving it overall. Working our butts off but it is worth it when you see the eagles in flight, the wonder of the snow capped mountains, and on and on.

Time to call it a day, we need to be up and moving in the morning so we can head home as early as possible. Still got to load the boat in the morning and take care of a couple other little things. Blessing to all.

June 30, 2010

OK so we are going to give this a try. I hope it works. I have been doing facebook but it really drives me nuts when I do an update and then am told it is TOO LONG! When you get going on some thought it is hard to count the characters you are using. So I will see if I can do a blog. I will try to post some pictures when I get on next time, don't really have time to today. We need to empty out a storage unit in Anchorage today, get the truck cleaned so we can put it up for sale and then load the boat and head back to the house which is a 3 hour boat trip. Hope to have internet at the cabin within the next couple of weeks so doing updates will be easier, won't have to come into town to do. Anyway we are loving life in "the bush" for the most part, Some adjustments are easier than others, more on that later, but overall we are loving being here in God's country.