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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Changes Continue

Roger said it was time for me to do a post so here goes...........

Roger continues to work on getting his workshop enclosed, the "roof" is on (at least as much of a roof as we have at the moment). As the workshop was not one of the projects we intended for this fall it has been a matter of using what we have or can make with materials we had here. We also wrapped the sides in Tyvek which will be his walls for now. He did put tarps up today on the upper portion front and back so he is getting the entire thing at least closed in and somewhat protected from the elements. Hopefully the winter freighting season will be a good one and he will be able to get the roofing and siding materials hauled out to put on in the spring. Got to have something to do during breakup. 

As you can see in the above picture we are in the transition time between snow machines and 4 wheelers. We will probably be parking the 4 wheeler later this week as it is not liking the cold temps and the trails have gotten icy so hills can be a bit of a challenge. The river stopped last night in front of our cabin. There is still a lot of open water but hopefully the cold weather we are currently having will freeze it up the rest of the way. It was -13 degrees this morning and the highest temp today was +5. Snow is forecast for later in the week so we shall see!

I have been helping Roger as needed and tending to the daily stuff like cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes (which I do have to say that out of all the modern conveniences I used to have I probably miss a dishwasher most of all!). I have also been baking our bread and buns for hamburgs etc, as well as cookies for us to have at afternoon coffee time. I told Roger we had turned into my grandparents, I remember Grandma and Grandpa denDulk having a cup of coffee and cookies pretty much every afternoon. Now it is us!

I have also been taking pictures. These are a couple of a sunset we had a couple weeks ago that was just incredible! I tried printing one with my printer but the colors didn't come out right so I guess I am going to have to get it professionally printed if I want the amazing colors to show properly, which they don't in these pics as I had to resize them.

I have also been making some hand stamped cards, now that my craft area is complete and usable! Tomorrow I/we start lodge sitting over at Northwoods Lodge for about 3 weeks. I will stay over there most of the time and not go nuts with Roger tearing out the kitchen, putting in the flooring downstairs and building new kitchen cabinets! I will come over and help as needed but for the most part I think I will stay over at the Lodge and enjoy having a dishwasher to use and also a hot tub! LOL
Oh and I will be making Christmas cards while I am there too. I have found that is a good time to do it while over there caretaking.

I also have been trying to get the pictures on my computer into some semblance of order and in doing so I ran across a picture of Jeff and Hans from when we first got Hans. So I decided to post that one as well as one I took of the 2 of the them the other day. My how things have changed!

On the subject of critters, we have had a shrew (aka mouse) in the house this fall and the other night it got into the dog food bowl and couldn't get out. It drew Jeff's attention and he meandered over to the dish. And then proceeded to just look at the shrew and start eating with the darn thing in the dish! You can see it to the left of Jeff's head.

And you know it's gotten colder when your Husky wants to curl up next to the woodburner!

In the past we didn't have a problem with rodents as we had cats. As we no longer have cats, we have mouse traps on the way with the groceries our friend went and got to send out on the plane tomorrow. I have to say I still have not gotten used to asking someone else to shop for me but I am learning. I never overly enjoyed shopping but it is weird having someone else shop for me. Anyway that is about all for now other than I want to thank all of you for sharing our adventure with us. God Bless! Myra

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mostly Pictures of the Shop

It has been pretty busy out. I am not going to do a lot of typing, the pictures will tell most of the story of the last 10 days.
Lifting the Ridge Pole up onto the second floor deck.

I drilled holes into the support columns and tied a rope through the holes to hold the Com-a-long and the chain fall hoist.

Once the Ridge Pole was on the deck, I stood up two very tall poles and ratchet strapped them to the support columns.

I had drilled holes in the tall poles and tied ropes through them to hold the lifting tools.

If you enlarge this picture (double click on it) you will see the notches I cut in the ridge pole so it will set flat on the support columns. The columns were cut at different heights to make up for the narrowing  Ridge Pole

Once it was in place I removed the taller poles used to lift it up.

The beginning of the log Rafters being installed. I had to cut 30 nearly identical sized "Beatle Kill" spruce trees for this.

B F H to pound in the B F Nails!

Myra and I installed a temporary floor so I could walk around and use a ladder upstairs to install most of the rafters. It also snowed 4" during this process.


I can't get these pictures into the right order. This one and the next few show the process of putting up a rafter with the chain-fall, but they are in reverse order.

This is showing the start of the "Purlins" that the metal roofing will get screwed to (when I can afford to get it).

The peak is about 21' above the ground. The ends of the rafters will be cut to length when I get to it. Also all of the Purlins will be cut square for the metal roofing. 

More of lifting a rafter, still out of order ?????

I got 9 rows of Purlins on today but it was too dark to take pictures by the time I was done. Tomorrow I finish the Purlins and we will put an "Alaska Roof" over the top. (Blue Tarp). Also, If you look close, right in front of the step ladder you will see that I added a center column on the front porch and an angled support up to the ridge. This was to stiffen everything up since the Ridge Pole support columns are so tall and I don't have the upper walls done or sheeting to add to the support.
There is a 4' front porch that the ladder is setting on. There is a good view of the river and mountains from there. Mrya and I have set there many afternoons for a coffee break. One of these days a little more tree clearing out front and the view will go from good to Great.
Once the roof is covered I will add some more support to the walls and I think I am going to wrap the building with Tyvek for wind protection. I don't have the materials to "sheet" the sides or finish the roof. I need freighting season to start so,,, First I can earn some money,,,,, Then I can buy and haul the rest of the materials.
Everything you see here except the floors joist on the first floor and the plywood on the first floor has been harvested from our woods and processed on-site to build this.
I can't believe that I took time to do this blog post. I have been working until dark everyday to get this project done. It's time for bed folks.
Thanks for sharing our adventure with us,
See Ya,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

We are making Progress

It has been a couple of weeks since we have taken time to update the happenings around here.

First and foremost, I must tell you that our Son Michael had a very serious car accident. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a power pole and some trees. No speeding or foul play, just an accident. He broke 5 ribs (#4 - #8) on his left side, near his sternum. This caused a collapsed lung. He spent 4 days in ICU on a ventilator and basically Un-conscious with chest tubes and all the "bells and whistles" . A few days after becoming able to breath on his own he was released from the hospital and he is still at home recovering. On November 7th he goes for an MRI of his left shoulder to see if surgery is required to repair damage to it.
The next thing I must tell you is that the weather here has been un-seasonably moderate. There is a system nic-named the pineapple express going through here. It is a hole string of low pressure systems back to back to back coming up from Hawaii. Our temperatures remain just above freezing and it rains A LOT. We got over 4" one day alone. We have no snow to speak of, it comes once in a while then melts off in the rain. We also have no ice on the river, not even a sign of it.
The river level bounced to near flood stage for one day then dropped 5 feet in the next 2 days. I did manage to get the boat out of the water the day the river was very high. It is now on dry land for the winter. I almost did not get to take it out of the water. The levels had dropped so low the water was 20' from land that would support our trailer. When the water level bounced up, I took the new Rhino 4 wheeler we bought, hooked it up to the trailer and pulled the boat out. I was Very impressed that a 4 wheeler could pull a 22' boat out of the water and up a pretty good hill to the winter parking spot. The 4 wheeler did it without much effort, like it was supposed to be able to do that.

Now, on to the progress.

Myra plained and cut all of the wood for some new shelves in her craft area. I did the assembly work for here and we hung them up.

I don't know why the bottom of this picture keeps getting cut off. I have tried re-loading it three times. ????
She managed to fill them within one day, with all of her stamps for making greeting cards.

I got the floor and ramp put on the shop foundation and I could not wait to try it out.

I used the starter cuts from the logs I cut for making 2"x4" boards to make the cover for the ramp. The stack of wood on the porch area is the same wood that becomes the 2" x 4"s in some up coming pictures. The slab on the saw horses shows that work is still in progress cutting slabs  at this point in time.

God made the trees but I made them 2"x 4" boards. I used the Alaska Mill on the chain saw to make 2" slabs of wood then used a chalk line and circular saw with a guide attachment to cut the slabs into the usable boards.

It takes some time but I was able to make 96 each, true dimension 2" x 4" boards out of only 2 pretty large spruce trees.
The dogs watched attentively while I made the boards,,,,, for 2 or 3 days if you can believe that. (not true)

 You can see the stack of boards on the porch area and obviously work is proceeding on the walls.

I was given the 44'x 50" double pain window you see setting on the side of the building.
 The walls are now as complete as they are going to get for now. There is a 65" wide door in the front and the rear so it has a drive thru. I have not put the back ramp on yet, it can wait for a while. The important thing is to get this thing under cover. The logs on the right of the building are becoming the floor joist for the upstairs and some of the roof rafters. If you look very closely you can see a couple of the beams are already in place for the ceiling/floor. The post in the front and back will hold the main roof log at the peak. From this point up most of the construction will be done with logs.
I have done all of this work so far for the cost of about $200 with all expenses included. I have had some items donated, some that we earned in exchange for other services and some left over plywood from other projects. I milled all of the wall wood from our trees

Just a couple of pictures of our front yard after one of the small snow falls .

And now for one of the neat things about having Potato Aficionado's for neighbors.

These are Purple Potato's with chopped Onions added. Myra fried them up for dinner tonight. They taste just like a normal potato but they are hard to "Brown". We have a lot of these canned up for the winter along with many other types of potato's. I think we have somewhere around 15 varieties and Tom and Patty planted about 30 varieties. I never knew there was so many different types of Potato's.
Thanks for being with us!
Talk to you soon,
Roger & Myra