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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Changes Continue

Roger said it was time for me to do a post so here goes...........

Roger continues to work on getting his workshop enclosed, the "roof" is on (at least as much of a roof as we have at the moment). As the workshop was not one of the projects we intended for this fall it has been a matter of using what we have or can make with materials we had here. We also wrapped the sides in Tyvek which will be his walls for now. He did put tarps up today on the upper portion front and back so he is getting the entire thing at least closed in and somewhat protected from the elements. Hopefully the winter freighting season will be a good one and he will be able to get the roofing and siding materials hauled out to put on in the spring. Got to have something to do during breakup. 

As you can see in the above picture we are in the transition time between snow machines and 4 wheelers. We will probably be parking the 4 wheeler later this week as it is not liking the cold temps and the trails have gotten icy so hills can be a bit of a challenge. The river stopped last night in front of our cabin. There is still a lot of open water but hopefully the cold weather we are currently having will freeze it up the rest of the way. It was -13 degrees this morning and the highest temp today was +5. Snow is forecast for later in the week so we shall see!

I have been helping Roger as needed and tending to the daily stuff like cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes (which I do have to say that out of all the modern conveniences I used to have I probably miss a dishwasher most of all!). I have also been baking our bread and buns for hamburgs etc, as well as cookies for us to have at afternoon coffee time. I told Roger we had turned into my grandparents, I remember Grandma and Grandpa denDulk having a cup of coffee and cookies pretty much every afternoon. Now it is us!

I have also been taking pictures. These are a couple of a sunset we had a couple weeks ago that was just incredible! I tried printing one with my printer but the colors didn't come out right so I guess I am going to have to get it professionally printed if I want the amazing colors to show properly, which they don't in these pics as I had to resize them.

I have also been making some hand stamped cards, now that my craft area is complete and usable! Tomorrow I/we start lodge sitting over at Northwoods Lodge for about 3 weeks. I will stay over there most of the time and not go nuts with Roger tearing out the kitchen, putting in the flooring downstairs and building new kitchen cabinets! I will come over and help as needed but for the most part I think I will stay over at the Lodge and enjoy having a dishwasher to use and also a hot tub! LOL
Oh and I will be making Christmas cards while I am there too. I have found that is a good time to do it while over there caretaking.

I also have been trying to get the pictures on my computer into some semblance of order and in doing so I ran across a picture of Jeff and Hans from when we first got Hans. So I decided to post that one as well as one I took of the 2 of the them the other day. My how things have changed!

On the subject of critters, we have had a shrew (aka mouse) in the house this fall and the other night it got into the dog food bowl and couldn't get out. It drew Jeff's attention and he meandered over to the dish. And then proceeded to just look at the shrew and start eating with the darn thing in the dish! You can see it to the left of Jeff's head.

And you know it's gotten colder when your Husky wants to curl up next to the woodburner!

In the past we didn't have a problem with rodents as we had cats. As we no longer have cats, we have mouse traps on the way with the groceries our friend went and got to send out on the plane tomorrow. I have to say I still have not gotten used to asking someone else to shop for me but I am learning. I never overly enjoyed shopping but it is weird having someone else shop for me. Anyway that is about all for now other than I want to thank all of you for sharing our adventure with us. God Bless! Myra


  1. LOVE your blog!! I would LOVE to see some of your cards! I am a carmaker also!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Dana, Thank you for taking time to read our blog. I will try to remember to take and post a few pics of some cards one of these days, I do not have a cricut or anything like that but I do have lots of stamps and quite a few punches etc, One of these days I will have a Cricut though! Just got to save up for it! LOL