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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mostly Pictures of the Shop

It has been pretty busy out. I am not going to do a lot of typing, the pictures will tell most of the story of the last 10 days.
Lifting the Ridge Pole up onto the second floor deck.

I drilled holes into the support columns and tied a rope through the holes to hold the Com-a-long and the chain fall hoist.

Once the Ridge Pole was on the deck, I stood up two very tall poles and ratchet strapped them to the support columns.

I had drilled holes in the tall poles and tied ropes through them to hold the lifting tools.

If you enlarge this picture (double click on it) you will see the notches I cut in the ridge pole so it will set flat on the support columns. The columns were cut at different heights to make up for the narrowing  Ridge Pole

Once it was in place I removed the taller poles used to lift it up.

The beginning of the log Rafters being installed. I had to cut 30 nearly identical sized "Beatle Kill" spruce trees for this.

B F H to pound in the B F Nails!

Myra and I installed a temporary floor so I could walk around and use a ladder upstairs to install most of the rafters. It also snowed 4" during this process.


I can't get these pictures into the right order. This one and the next few show the process of putting up a rafter with the chain-fall, but they are in reverse order.

This is showing the start of the "Purlins" that the metal roofing will get screwed to (when I can afford to get it).

The peak is about 21' above the ground. The ends of the rafters will be cut to length when I get to it. Also all of the Purlins will be cut square for the metal roofing. 

More of lifting a rafter, still out of order ?????

I got 9 rows of Purlins on today but it was too dark to take pictures by the time I was done. Tomorrow I finish the Purlins and we will put an "Alaska Roof" over the top. (Blue Tarp). Also, If you look close, right in front of the step ladder you will see that I added a center column on the front porch and an angled support up to the ridge. This was to stiffen everything up since the Ridge Pole support columns are so tall and I don't have the upper walls done or sheeting to add to the support.
There is a 4' front porch that the ladder is setting on. There is a good view of the river and mountains from there. Mrya and I have set there many afternoons for a coffee break. One of these days a little more tree clearing out front and the view will go from good to Great.
Once the roof is covered I will add some more support to the walls and I think I am going to wrap the building with Tyvek for wind protection. I don't have the materials to "sheet" the sides or finish the roof. I need freighting season to start so,,, First I can earn some money,,,,, Then I can buy and haul the rest of the materials.
Everything you see here except the floors joist on the first floor and the plywood on the first floor has been harvested from our woods and processed on-site to build this.
I can't believe that I took time to do this blog post. I have been working until dark everyday to get this project done. It's time for bed folks.
Thanks for sharing our adventure with us,
See Ya,

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  1. Wow.....I am impressed with your creativity and determination and skills!!! Impressive! Thank you for sharing your project with us. I LOVE the pictures. (great job Myra!)