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Monday, September 27, 2010

Snow is in the Forecast

Well, we weathered the Wind Storm. It has stayed pretty breezy since then until this evening the wind finally dropped to calm. The "Tarsp" has been cut into pieces and has been recycled to another use. It is now a vapor barrier under my new Workshop and Barn. Since the world revolves around me and the windstorm was just to give me a message, by blowing down the Tarsp, I would like to tell you "message received".
You can see the board across the two trees in the background (right), that was one of the old Tarsp supports. I now have two "Alaskan Shelters" put together. The big one is the Workshop and the small one is the Barn. The Barn will hold all of the fuel barrels, extra building materials. the off season vehicles, IE snowmachines or ATVs and other misc items.

Check out the inside of this workshop, Looks like it should work for a while. I have plenty of room to work on the vehicles and build cabinets etc as the work is called for. I just have to clean up in between projects and can't just push one to the side to work on another. I do not have enough plywood on site to cover the entire floor right now but I will be hauling more up after the river freezes.
I felt compelled to give a couple of comparison photos from what I worked in all summer, until God blew it down and told me to get these new "temporary" buildings up before snow flies.

Snow is in the forecast beginning with a slight chance on Wednesday and increasing everyday for the next ten days. We are told by the neighbors that 13" by October 13th is a good general rule of thumb.

I still have a fair amount of work to do in the next few days to get the yard cleaned up and items into the barn before too much snow flys. I also still have to get over to the boat and get the canvas top off of it and winterize the motor, jack up the trailer and put it on blocks and cover everything with a tarp. I was advised to put the trailer frame on blocks with no wieght on the wheels because the snow can get so heavy this winter it will break down the springs or bend the axle. Once I get all of that done all I have to do is get the underside of the cabin (floor) insulated and we should be about ready for snow.
I then have to get back to getting firewood as I still don't have enough dried, seasoned wood cut and stacked. I still have to get the dried wood from the neighbor about a mile away. I will drag the logs back here and cut and split them. I have enough wood to get us thru for a while so this is not top priority but it must be done before we get too much snow.
Myra did the domestic things today, laundry - hand washing everything - hanging out to dry, dishes - haul out waste water, house cleaning - fire up the generator to run vacuum, back porch organizing - still not all moved in, hauled used cat litter down the trail to dump it where the bears don't come too close to the cabin, carried water buckets out from laundry. You Know, all those normal things everybody does on a house cleaning day. Then she cooked a great roast beef manhatten dinner with homemade bread and great scratch gravy. She sure is getting the hang of this life, and I LIKE IT!
Still busy around here but life is good,
Thanks for visiting!
See Ya soon!
Even the dogs are tired tonight!

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