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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Progress

The Back Porch
Well there has been some more progress around here. We now have the back porch under roof, windows in and the tyvek on.  We are heading in to town tomorrow and will be getting the doors for it. We are also going to be getting me a new stove / oven! Yea!!!! Roger will be making a few trips back and forth over the next few days as we need to stock up on more fuel, and he is also going to tear apart the trailer we hauled our stuff in from Ohio to Alaska. We are going to use the wood to partially side the back porch and the stainless steel that he put on the floor of the trailer will become my counter tops. I am just excited about getting a full size oven rather than this darn little RV thing that when I make bread it rises and hits the roof of the oven and falls. :(
We again have "running water" as Roger did fix the pump sensor switch. It is amazing how much gratitude we have for even the simple things like running water that so many people take for granted. We are learning to be grateful for so many little things like beautiful sunsets, the sounds of the quiet, a friend calling to make sure we are OK as she hadn't talked to us in a few days, neighbors that offer you some of the bounty from their garden, and strawberry  plants to start your own patch.
The Boys
Hans goes to the vet tomorrow while we are in town for more of his shots. He is getting so big it is hard to remember that he is only 4 months old. He is now taller than Jeff, not as stocky but he is eating like a horse! But then so is Jeff. I think they are trying to fatten up for winter. I know that I have to stock up more food for them for during freeze up. Trying to keep their food and water bowls full is becoming a full time job! LOL
Well the popcorn is almost ready, and then it is bedtime. Here is another sunset, hope you aren't getting too sick of them. They are so different all the time it is just amazing to me. God's handiwork is awesome!
Blessings to all, Myra

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  1. Your home is coming along beautifully, and your dogs are just tooooo cute! The sunsets are gorgeous, I think I love the photos the most which is saying ALOT because I love reading your blogs both you and Roger are great writers. I have a sticky note to make sure I check your blog every night before I go to bed to see what you all have been up to. Love Pam