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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Beautiful Day, Beginning to End

It was a very productive day, Yea! The first three pictures are sunrize time this morning. The sun was to my back and the ball you see in the sky is the Moon. It was way too cool not to take pictures of it.

I got the oil changed in the big Generator first thing this morning, then fired it up for the day. I got all of the siding and trim finished on the new porch. Then I put the trim on the front of the cabin that was never installed since the day it was built. I also trimmed the front upstairs window and caluked everything on the front of the cabin.
When I got all done with my work for the day (about 8:00) me and the dogs walked to the river to watch the sunset.

Myra went and picked more Rose Hips today and then made Rose Hip Jam. It is very high in Vitiman C concentrate and totally natural. She canned 12 4oz jars of it. We can't open it for about two weeks. I will try to remember to tell you how it turned out. Here is a picture of a rose Hip that we took earlier in the year.

These "Buds" get quite a bit bigger than this picture and they turn deep Red. When ready to pick they get soft like a fruit. She boiled them, ran them thru a sieve with a pezel and then processed them into jam.I have had the Jam that some friends made it it was really good. I can't wait to try Myra's.

More pictures of the Day just for good Measure.
Thanks for Being Here!

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