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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making Progress

Roger working hard at "Retirement"
Well, we are making progress on the back porch. I am looking forward to being able to move some stuff out of the cabin and into the porch. Roger has been working on the porch daily as long as God cooperates and it doesn't rain. Which it does seem to do almost every evening lately but that is better than all day long like it did for 31 days in a row earlier this summer.
Making Mud Pies to bring Home!
Even with all the rain we have had I am constantly dealing with dust and dirt. I can't imagine why. LOL

I have been working on my "craft " area upstairs which to this point consists mainly of hauling the totes of stuff up there and unpacking them to figure out what I have and don't have. One of the things I no longer have is envelopes for my stamping / cards. They all got damp and the glue stuck them shut! Guess I have plenty of "scratch" paper now. I need to get started on curtains for the cabin soon. I am going to make some "quilted" ones that hopefully will help keep the warm in and the cold out. Time will tell.

The Bears Have Struck
Oh yeah I mentioned the bears tearing up the screen while we were gone the last time. Here is a picture of what they did. We were going to put like three windows in the back porch but have decided to only put one on the highest side so that maybe the bears won't try to get in that way. We have found out from several people in the area though that we are not the only ones having bear issues this year. That is kind of nice to know as many of these folks have been here for 20+ years and they are having some trouble also.

We are trying to get a really good shopping list put together for the next and possibly last trip to town for a while. There is an awful lot to take into consideration. Not only food for us but also for the animals, fuel for cooking and backup heat, also snowmachines and ATV's. Then there is the stuff needed for all the projects around here that still need done or finished. We are also going to be getting a new stove / oven!  The one that is here is out of an RV and is very small. The last time I made bread it rose so high in the oven that it hit the top and fell! I know I am forgetting something that we need to stock up on but that is why I have done an inventory of what we have including things like toilet paper, paper towels, etc. And if we think of something we try to put it on the shopping list right away so that we don't forget cause it's not like "Oh well I can run to .......tomorrow"!

Sunset on the Yentna River
I know Roger posted some of the sunset pictures from the other night (which I took by the way) but I am going to add a couple here that I really like. God's handiwork is so awesome up here that words can't begin to describe it. And the pictures don't do justice either but it is the best I can do to share this incredible journey with all of you. Blessings, Myra


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