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Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Trip to Town

I am here at the cabin by myself tonight, which is a first. I have the animals but Roger is at a friends down river and is staying there tonight before heading into town again.
Stayed at Dan and Jeans last night then came the rest of the way home today. Roger is going to pick up the doors for the back porch, some more meat for the freezer and also haul some fuel.

Packing It In
We brought back a bunch more groceries, including MORE dog food! And Roger is going to pick up a couple more big bags of dog food on this trip. This is a picture of what our truck looks like every time we go to town. It's really kind of funny and fun to try and fit it all in.

Hans had his vet appointment on Wednesday, got his shots and checkup. He already weighs 48# (which is only 6# less than Jeff) and he is only 4 months old! We could be in trouble...........the new back porch may have to become part of the house just for him. LOL. We also had it confirmed by the vet that Hans does have a vision problem. We were pretty sure of it just from our observations of his actions, like if Jeff gets too far ahead of him on the trail he will sit down and wait until either we catch up to him or Jeff comes back for him. If you call him and he is too far away you have to call him repeatedly so that he can follow the sound and I can't throw a stick too far when we play or he loses sight of it and can't find it. His peripheral vision is also affected which is why he is so jumpy when approached from the side or rear. He is such a character though that there is no way I would get rid of him. We get many a good laugh from his antics.

Foraker (L) & McKinley
We did bring home the new stove, now Roger just has to come up with some time to hook it up. It seems like there just isn't enough time to get all this stuff done. I have to keep reminding myself that a lot of what we are doing at this point is a one time thing (like building the porch) and that maybe next year we will have some time to actually enjoy this wonderful place and go and see more places such as Mt. McKinley from somewhere other than the boat on our trips to town. Although it is awesome seeing it this way also and we are truly blessed to be able to.

Tomorrow I should go and pick rose hips for jam before they are gone. Things hit their ripeness and are gone quickly around here. (Bears?) Thinking of bears they did not visit while we were gone this time. It may be that mama bear has been killed as two neighbors have each killed a bear in the last couple of weeks. Roger did put nails around the windows and cut off the heads to discourage them from "window peeking". I also need to go over to Bentalit Lodge for some strawberry plants that Pat offered. I'll get some water while I am there too. Hopefully Roger will make it home tomorrow evening but it always seems to take longer in town than we anticipate.
That is all for tonight. Here is another sunset picture, if you look close you can see the fog starting to form on the river. Thanks for sharing our amazing adventure.
Sunset on the Yentna River, Alaska
Blessings to all, Myra

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