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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy Times In the Bush


 Hi all. It has been busy around here the past few days. The weather has been gorgeous so we have been trying to get as much done outside as possible. The porch is almost complete, just the top of the siding to finish. The doors are both in now and we have stopped using the "front" door with the ramp. Roger added steps at the back door this evening so that will be even nicer, not quite such a big jump! He has also started building a generator shed by the porch so it will be protected this winter and we won't have to go to timbuktoo to start it. YEAA!!!! 
Slowly but Surely

"New Beginnings"

Baby Spider

In between helping Roger with the siding etc I worked on repotting the few little plants I managed to keep alive from Ohio to here. The one that is just now getting 2 new leaves had only one when we arrived and not really any roots to speak of. This is from a plant that I had for over 25 years that a friend now has and several other people have "starts" from. Those of you who were in our home in Ohio know that I had many plants, many of them many years old and very large. I have one small aloe plant that is just now getting some new shoots on it. One of the biggest problems with the aloe plant is the cats like to chew on it so I have to be careful where I put it.

Isabelle In "Dad's" Recliner

Gracie May

The girls have adjusted fairly well and love to lay at the top of the steps and look through into the kitchen when one of us is in there. All of the animals like to "gang" up on me when they think it is time for treats though!

The MUCK!!!!!
Last evening we took the boat out of the water with the help of our neighbor Tom and his bulldozer. Thankfully we have wonderful neighbors that are willing to help people when needed. We couldn't wait any longer to take it out if we wanted to store it over there as the water levels have been steadily dropping and getting into Fish Lakes Creek could become impossible in the next couple of days. So at this point unless we fly we won't be going any where until after freeze up.

Over the River and Through the Muck!

While Roger and Tom were pulling the boat out I was enjoying the beautiful fall evening and taking pictures.
Today I went and picked rose hips to make into jam. I will have to go pick a few more tomorrow as I do not have quite enough for a batch. It is kind of like doing strawberries so far as cleaning them other than you use your fingers to pull the stems off and they are a lot smaller so you have to do a lot more of them.

Tomorrow will be picking more rose hips, making jam, working on organizing the porch and cleaning the house. It might be time to kick a few dust bunnies out! Maybe a lot of them!!! Thanks for sharing our adventures with us and enjoy the beautiful fall!

Fall Beauty on Fish Lakes Creek
 Blessings, Myra

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  1. Oh how I wish I knew you were good with plants (shows how much I pay attention!). I just gave up on my grandmothers 50 year old fern. I killed it really well. I have decided to just stop touching plants that I need to keep alive. Seriously Dont let me touch plants...They die. I have a black thumb...