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Monday, September 13, 2010

One More Trip & Phone

I got back to the cabin last evening with about 60lbs of fresh meat to cut up, vacuum bag and freeze. I also had other groceries, another 100 gallons of fuel, 6 sheets of siding off of the trailer, two new exterior doors, more caulk, paint, shipping blankets that were still in the trailer along with other misc items.
I still have to get the treated plywood (10 sheets) stainless steel and two steel barrels to have everything here for three months worth of work.
The water was very shallow last night and I am going to leave today as soon as the fog lifts and I can see to navigate the river. The water is the lowest I have ever seen it and it is predicted to drop another 3 to 4 inches every day now. We have had 5 days of clear weather and 5 more days of no rain in the forecast and it is far to cool to melt the Glacier anymore.
I have to be very careful with the boat so that I do not end up stuck on a gravel bar. They are hidden everywhere and as the water gets shallower the odds get far worse for me. Yep, I am nervous about this trip, but I really want the stuff here for the projects I have planned.
I can't believe Myra did not mention we have a phone in the cabin now. I got it working the other day before I left her here alone. The Antenna is not mounted yet and I will have to do the permanent install but that isn't too hard. Anyhow, we have what is called a "Fixed Wireless" phone system. It has a big antenna that says don't be within 4 feet of it when on the phone or it will fry you, and it shoots a microwave signal to a tower over a "shell hill" and relays it from there. We can receive unlimited incoming calls / minutes now but it is still .25$ a minute to call out. You can call anytime after noon Eastern Time if you want. The number is the same as the cell phone except for the 3 digit prefix.
Anyhow, I just wanted to add a note.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Talk to you soon, (maybe for real)

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  1. Yesterday we put up 40 lbs of fish for winter. We too have been in the "get it done" mode. It definitely is autumn. the nights are much cooler and the leaves are starting to turn. Kathlyn has put up vegetables and I am still thinning the woods. We are glad you have a permanent phone, but it still sounds pretty roughed. We admire your adventuresome spirit, your love of the Lord and your love for each other. Reading your blog is a nightly treat.