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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Summer In Review

Well, it has been our first summer in our new home. It has been event filled and educational. We talk a lot about being busy so I could not help looking for pictures of what we were busy doing.
I am not going to do a lot of typing this time, I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking.

When we arrived the first look was pretty Intimidating!

It was exciting to begin to see Some progress.

Today we have a little space to work with.

This is the best picture I have of the Back of the Cabin. When we arrived, come to find out, the area was sooooo rough Myra did not venture around there to take pictures.
This was the back of the cabin after the rear "Lean To" was removed and we had the cooler box in the ground that the bears dug up.

A Little difference here Aye! Notice the "Burl Log" post I put near the porch corner, this is to protect people from running into the roof when the snow builds up. The Burls are Huge on this log.
I always have more wood to split in my spare time, do you want to come help?
It was a Challenge just getting to the cabin when we first arrived. The squiggly seperation in the weeds on the right side of the picture is the walking trail from the river. This is the trail we pulled the wheel barrow to and from the river to bring in the first couple of loads of "belongings"
We opened up the trail so that we could use ATVs to get back and forth to the river.
Today we have a fairly major Highway going to and from the river. We have named areas such as "Stairstep Hill"- so many roots to step over and on it is difficult to walk, "The Flower Garden" - Wild Roses and Rasberries grow in abundance here, The Valley" - just what it says, "Roll Over Pass" - we kept dumping the trailer there until we did some leveling and "Torture Hill" - about 100 yards of continuous uphill (BOTH ways, I swear!) along the edge of the river, this is the first portion of the walk from our landing!

This was our Front yard upon arrival. The left side of the picture is where our clearing is now to look out to the river and mountains
The clearing had begun!
I still have wood to collect up in the clearing for next years wood burning pile. This picture is from our bedroom on a hazy sky day. See the river through the clearing? My cheap camera again (or my photography skills) it could be a better picture. The plain Eye View is much better than this.
This is the View from our livingroom on every Clear day.

There is actually a burning barrel about 30 feet out past the cabin in this picture! We did not find it for 2 weeks after we got here!
The shop and barn are setting on the area where the burning barrel was at.
The area where the Bear Cub is, is now about 15 feet out the back door of the cabin.
The wood pile is just a continuous work in progress. I threw in this picture for general purposes only. Notice the 12 gauge leaning agains the saw buck? It is hard to wear the pistol while splitting wood so the shotgun is usually close by during that process.

We are now in the "Freeze Up" period of the year. The boat is out of the water, most all summer work is complete. We are unable to travel anywhere except the local couple miles of trails unless we choose to fly. The rate for flying is about $225 each way so I don't see that happening. Can you imagine the cost to go get a gallon of milk right now! Anyhow; we have canned milk and LOTS of other groceries and supplies. We may not be traveling out of here until sometime in December, it is hard to predict. Once the river freezes over we will be able to travel at will, and weather providing, to a lot more places along the river system. We will be able to go to some of the remote lodges that are fly in only in the summer etc. We will have more time on our hands to go enjoy the area, even if only for day trips because of animals to take care of.
For now it is continue to work outside when weather allows and inside when it is nasty outside.
We did get the bottom of the cabin insulated the snowmachines are pretty much ready to travel (still have to grease all the zerks) and the cabin is getting more organized by the day.
Life is Good Today! What a blessing to have the health to do all this stuff, even though I hurt like a Fifty year old most days. At least I am not a Fifty year old hurting like a Seventy year old right? Thinking of that stuff, I got out an old pair of jeans and I am down 4" in pants size since I got here. That does not count that the big ones were uncomfortable when I got here and the small ones fit well now. I think I left the additional pants sizes in these pictures somewhere.
Life really is good Today!
Thanks for Being Here,
See Ya Soon,
PS: Kevin Williams, you were right when you ask about "Why isn't there any snow near the cabin" when you looked at the original pictures. The insulation under there was junk. It's done now though!

Our "LET IT SNOW" sign is posted.

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  1. Hi Roger
    What a great pictorial, and WOW what progress you have made, everything looks beautiful and I will be more than happy to come up and chop wood, I don't know how much help I would be at that tho as far as how quickly I could chop wood. How great you have raspberries, they are the best.