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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunrise and Hans

It has been a nice week. The weather has been cool in the morning and then warming into the forties usually during the day. We have been busy around here trying to finish up some things and every time you start one project it seems to snowball into at least three more! So "Everything takes longer in the bush" has become our motto! But that is OK when you wake up to a view like this.

Sunrise on the Yentna River
 This is so awesome to see in the mornings. It is like God is right there saying "Good Morning I hope you enjoy this wonderful place I have created." This is also close to the view I have as I hang laundry out on the clothesline. Definitely makes laundry a little easier to do with a wonderful view.

Roger has been busy trying to finish up some projects outside like putting a roof over the fuel oil tank on the side of the house so it doesn't get buried in snow and possibly pulled off the house. He still needs to do that for the propane and the generators. That will keep him busy for a day or two. He put the phone antenna up so now we get a much better signal than when it was leaning against some logs on the ground. There are so many little odds and ends things to do, finish, etc that sometimes it is hard to see what you accomplished that day.

I have been trying to finish up the back porch and that is pretty well done now. We have hooks up for coats and stuff now as well as a hanging rod for things that are not in use at this time. The totes are slowly decreasing in number, some I can't do until we do a few more things inside the cabin, like some shelves.  My craft area is slowly taking shape. I keep getting sidetracked with all the other daily things that have to be done. There is always cooking, cleaning, laundry, going for water and on and on.

Hans and I went over to the neighbors earlier this week for water and the mail and I took some pictures of him out on the trail. He loves to run but he has not learned how to pace himself yet. He is getting so big! He now stands about 3-4 inches above Jeff and probably outweighs him. It is hard to remember that he is only 5 months old until he does something so silly and uncoordinated like all puppies. We sure do get some good laughs from him. Here are a couple of pics for comparison.

2 Months

5 Months

 Well that is about it for me for the moment. We have not seen any bears around the cabin in over a month, the fall colors have been beautiful and now we are waiting for the river to freeze. Until then we are pretty limited on where we can go. A couple of neighbors and that is it unless we fly. And that is not happening if we can avoid it. Too expensive!!!!!!!!!!!! But we have plenty of food etc and plenty of things to do yet so we will stay busy and fed.
Thanks for sharing our adventure with us. Blessings, Myra

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  1. Wow.....what a view. We all need to slow down long enough to enough the beauty of nature around us especially now when it is accented in the colors of Fall. Thanks for sharing the pictures not only of the view but of Hans. He is too cute!!! Keep blogging. I really enjoy reading it!