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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is it Vacation?

Summer is over, Fall is supposed to be over and Winter is supposed to be here. Well, it is not Winter yet. We are getting into the 20's at night but it is getting into the mid 40's most days. It has been Sunny with a capitol S. We have only had one day of rain for over 3 weeks. It must be vacation because the weather is never like this when there is a ton of work to do, Right?
We have been taking advantage of the Gorgeous Weather.
Myra has been doing the laundry outside (completely)instead of washing and rinsing inside and wringing and hanging outside. Yea, she is wearing a heavy Poly sweater and hat and gloves because it is about 35 degrees while she is doing this.

Notice in this second picture, there is the little blue generator that was "smashed" under the cabin. She is using the little generator to run the "green" clothes wringer next to the cabin. That is actually an OLD hoover portable washing machine but the wash tub needs about 6 gallons per load so we don't use that, just the wringer. Also, see the little wash board in the laundry tub. There is also the white water jug and the she is hanging clothes on the line.
We have been doing more playing outside. We went for about a 2 hour ATV ride last night. It is great to do this, this time of year. The Forest underbrush is all dead for the winter and you can see the Forest floor, so now we can navigate the ATVs through the woods and don't have to stay on trails. I led Myra out into areas last night that I am sure she would never venture to on her own. It is truly amazing what a 4 wheel drive ATV with 25" tractor style tires will navigate over and through. We were in thick brush that you could never walk through but the machine will just drive over it, then down into valleys and up over hills that we could not have walked because of how slippery it is. These machines will cross 12" down tree logs and knock down 2" to 3" trees if needed. After spending time in the Forest we found the trail and went to Otter Lake, around a mile behind us (North). We went to the West end on one trail then back to the main trail and down to the East end of the lake on another trail. We just drove all over and enjoyed the Forest.
This is a large Muskeg (swamp)about a half mile behind our place.This muskeg is not travel able in the warm months at all. It is just a quagmire of water and soupy soil. You don't even see an animal trail through it, it is not possible. With the naked eye you can see animal trails around the perimeter of it and I am sure they drink from the pond that appear to have solid edges. I think the little island in the middle of the muskeg is just awesome.
Heading back to our place we took the "Back Trail" down to the river. We came across a fresh Pair of Moose Tracks. It appears we have a Cow and a Calf in our back yard. I surely hope we get a chance to see them this winter.
I led Myra down to the rivers edge on the ATV also. Where our boat used to set is now dry land and Myra shot this Picture from the "River", up to our landing. She thought I was nuts when I drove my ATV down the bank to the river but I talked her into following. You should have seen the concentration on her face when she drove back up, she looked like Tony Stewart concentrating on the white line during the Daytona 500. She did not go quite that fast though. The bank is now about 15 foot high at about a 45 degree angle, it is fun on the ATV. I can't wait to do it on the snowmachine.
I have been staying busy around the property. I did just put up the "Welcome" sign and I have finished the permanent phone installation and sealed up the front door and trimmed it out so it looks better. I removed the ramp on the front of the cabin and the door is an emergency exit only now. We will have to jump if we need to get out of it but, if we need to get out of it jumping will be the least of our worries if you know what I mean. I also added some supports to the porch floor, cleaned out the burning barrel, repaired some interior cabin wood work and did more yard work. Tomorrow is drive a "Ground Rod" for the electrical system and bond everything together such as the phone system, satellite dish, generator, inverter and charger. This will be the beginning of a new electrical system that I will put in this winter. I just don't want to do the Ground Rod into frozen ground or run bonding wires thru snow banks to get to the ground rod. After the Grounding work is done I will spend a few hours splitting and stacking wood before we are off to the neighbors for our first Dinner invite.
I have been trying to visualize this evening out to dinner. We will be taking ATVs through the Forest for a couple of miles. It will be in the low thirties at best for temperatures when we leave there. We must take a gun. We want to dress nice but need to wear boots because there is always water in the low spots on the trail. What coat do I wear and I did not bring any dress gloves, what's the right hat? Hmmm, getting the picture?
I am pretty sure it will be carhart work bibs, muck boots, leather gloves over decent dinner clothes and pack the house slippers! Do I clean my Gun to make it more formal?
Thanks for being here,
See Ya soon

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  1. Myra...I will never grumble about doing laundry again. Roger....I thought I had trouble figuring out what to wear for dinner invites and I'm not driving an ATV through muck. I do own Carhart bibs but never considered them for a dinner party!