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Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank You Everyone

Thanks to all that are reading the blog. We really appreciate the Emails, FB comments and the comments on the Blog page. It is fun to get your communications and we like hearing about what is going on around the rest of the country also.

You can find both Myra and I on Facebook if you use it, by searching for these email addresses:

cscnb@netzero.net - that's me. My regular email address is rogerphillips1960@gmail.com

myraphillips1962@gmail.com = Myra

Home Phone is 907-733-4409

I am posting this stuff because I get calls looking for email address, emails looking for phone numbers and some people just don't know we use Facebook.

Anyhow; it is humbling to know that there is so many people (many many more that are not signed up, than are signed up) that are sharing our adventure. Thank You Again

Well, it has been pretty ordinary around here the last couple of days. Sunday was spent listening to Nascar, putting together the Pictorial Blog post and then about a 5 mile walk in the woods for me and the dogs. Myra pretty much did all of that except a big NAP took the place of the walk.

Today was Bread Day again. Myra only made a small loaf of sourdough bread and Hot dog Buns the other day so she made regular bread today, along with house cleaning and more making of a home in this little cabin in the woods.

Have I ever mentioned I LIKE bread day. The smell is wonderful and it always lightens the work load a little bit for the day (for me). I spent the day going to get water, finished the snowmachine (snowmobile for you southern people) prep work and tore into the broken ATV. I got the axle repaired and the battery charged (if it holds) and I have the pull start recoil mechanism tore apart on the workbench. I think that is terminal and is going to require parts. i will try to make some tomorrow.

It appears to be official that we are going to be "Lodge Sitting" for about 3 weeks the end of November and beggining of December. We will be Care Takers at North Woods Lodge while the owners are on vacation in Costa Rica. http://www.northwoodslodge.net/index.html
Another different experience to be had for us. The owners of the lodge are Eric and Shan Johnson. They also own the big Barge that hauled our remaining belongings up river.

We are also "Told" that we will be working at Check Point #1 (Yentna Station Roadhouse) for the Iditirod Dog sled race this year. Dan (The Owner) tells me we have to work the race to pay for all the "Free" advice he has been giving me all summer. Another new experience to look forward to.

Not much to report today. The snow is behind schedule and daily work continues.

Thanks For being here!

See Ya,

Oh, I was about to click out of this and I remembered: On my way to get water this morning I came up on a young Black Bear standing by the trail. I was pulling a noisey trailer full of empty 5 gallon water jugs. The bear just stood there about 20 feet off the trail. I stopped and talked to it (from a distance) for a few seconds and it stood up and just looked at me and did not move. I finally decided it needed to become scared of humans and fired a shoot in its' direction, but not at it. It took off with out looking back. I am guessing it was very newly seperated from Mom either by nature or hunting death, but it did not know enough to be scared "yet". I hope it knows to stay clear now. I also hope it is old enough to survive winter with out Mom. I would guess this is its' second summer. I don't know if they seperate before winter or after winter of their second year?

Bye Again!


  1. Hey, folks. Joyce, Kathlyn and I are here and we are in awe of the spectacular pictures you post. Lots of luck with the Iditirod. Love reading your posts and are even praying for you....to survive!!! :-) We should come up there sometime towing an ultralight, allowing us to fly from Wasilla to our place!!!

  2. Too funny I just read dad's post and was checking out the Northwoods Lodge link, what a beautiful place and how great you get to be lodgekeepers. In looking at the pics of the fishing I thought it wont be long before dad and Kathlyn are up there doing some fishing I am sure and then I read their post and I can see them flying in on an Ultralight too, personally I will go by way of boat. Myra the sunset pics were spectacular!!! and I hope the young bear makes it through the winter as well.