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Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Snowfall

This post is going to be short but I wanted to share these pictures of the first snowfall. It has changed the landscape immensely. The river is still not frozen and if it doesn't freeze soon we will be out of a few things but not the basics. Wait a minute popcorn is a basic for us! And it is starting to run dangerously low. Might have to check out the mail order grocery deal. Of course still have to get the stuff from the Post Office which is upriver about 10 miles. Hmmmmmm..........

We fired up the wood burner yesterday and are having an interesting time learning how to regulate it. And then when it gets colder outside we will have to relearn it all over again. Never a dull moment when you live here. There is always something to do or to learn or fix or build.

Trail to River
These were taken from our bedroom window this morning. If you look at earlier blogs you will find this view in other pics. I will continue to take pictures of this view just to show how things change. I love to look out and see the river, even if I am ready for it to freeze so that we can go places. Oh well, in God's time not mine. Well that is all for tonight. It is time to head for bed, busy day tomorrow. Need to make bread, want to fix some chicken noodle soup to can and then there is always the usual daily stuff that needs done. It will be a full day. Blessings to all and Thanks for sharing our adventure, Myra


  1. What a treat to follow your "adventure" in Alaska. I look every day for another installment. If we were 20 years younger.......But I'm 79, Clarence 81. We live in Lynden, WA and I'm a cousin to Myra's mom, Elaine. My mom was Nel(denDulk) deBoer, sister to your Grandpa Keith. Stay warm and safe and thanks for sharing. Betty Anne Miedema

  2. We also had our first snow. We did not really want it. We could use a few more weeks of autumn. This is only the second time in 30 years that it has snowed in Oregon in October.

    Joyce and Gary left for Arizona. So, we down to a handful of year-rounders now.

    Keep warm. You are in our thoughts and prayers.-D3, KD2