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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What A Day!

 Ok so every time I figure out how to do something on the blog "they" go and change how it is done! Some days that gets really aggravating. Oh well I guess I will just have to remain teachable!

Today was absolutely beautiful, bright sunshine, awesome blue skies with just a few wispy clouds, about 60 degrees with a mild breeze.  A wonderful day to hang the laundry outside on the line. Oh wait I washed everything outside too! It really is amazing how far you can make 20 gallons of water go when you have to go somewhere, fill the containers, haul them back to the cabin and haul them inside and upstairs to fill the water barrel. Luckily for me Roger had just gone and gotten water yesterday so the jugs were still downstairs and full. At any rate all the laundry is done and it smells wonderful from all the nice clean air here.

The other day when we insulated the underside of the cabin Roger spent a good share of the day sliding around under there on his back and sides. Well when he got done he went for a short walk to the river and then came in for supper. He says to me, "Look at my side would you, there is something in it." Yep sure enough there is something in it! Apparently he had slid through some porcupine needles. We put ice on it, I grabbed it with pliers and pulled it out! Lucky for Roger it had not gone real deep and there wasn't even blood! After his shower I did put some antibiotic cream on it though as it was kind of red all around the area.

The next day I couldn't even see where it had been! You just never know what you might find around this place. Oh yeah he also planted his hand down on some type of animal trap. It was old and rusted and didn't have all it's parts but it was under the cabin.

Roger got the second ATV sort of fixed. It is at least usable at this point. He will need to do some more on it later but will need parts for that and we can use it to at least get around if not for hauling heavy stuff. He also went and cleared the trail(s) of the downed trees from the windstorm that took out the tarsp.

Well that is about all I have for the moment other that to share these pictures of the incredible sunset God blessed us with this evening. It is things like this that make the not so easy things tolerable, like doing the laundry by hand. (At least I don't have to try and wring it out anymore as Roger got the spinner working on the little washer we found here that has a broken pump from freezing.) We truly have been blessed to be able to be taking this adventure and to share it with all of you. Thank you for sharing this with us, I can only hope that some day you can have an awesome adventure like this.

Blessings, Myra

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