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Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Progress

WOO HOO!!!!YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The new stove is hooked up and usable!!!! I made bread and some buns yesterday and it was great being able to put both pans in at the same time, side by side even! The little RV stove that was here got us by but it took some planning even for meals to make sure that everything would fit, even if all you needed was 2 burners. If you used two big pans they would be offset on the burners in order to fit. :(   It made cooking a challenge some days. Same with baking anything. The dial was unreadable and so I had used a thermometer of Rogers to at least find 325 so that I had a way to bake some things. 

The Old Stove

The New Stove
Now I know all the temps and I am starting to enjoy cooking again. I am going to have to be careful not to go toooooooo crazy with cooking and baking stuff though. (At least not until the river freezes and I know that we can get more propane LOL). I know we have plenty to last quite a while but we also have HOT WATER now too!!!! While Roger was hooking up the new oven he went ahead and did the water heater too. I'm not sure I remember what to do with all these modern conveniences, it has been a while you know. Actually I do remember and it was nice not having to heat water on the stove the last couple of days when doing the dishes. Once the wood burner is going there will be a pan on there all the time so I will use that water for dishes rather than the water heater in order to save on propane usage. When you have to haul that in it makes you much more aware of how much you use and you definitely try to conserve whenever possible.

The weather has been fairly sunny and "warm" for this time of year and there is no longer any ice on the river. I did laundry outside again today and hung it out. I had to move it to the line inside though as it was not dry and the sun was going down. We are now down to just under 10 hours of daylight and losing more each day. It does make it easy to see both sunrise and sunset though. Here are a couple of pictures I took of the sunrise yesterday.


A Fall Sunrise on the Yentna River

Roger is now working on converting the ATV trailer into a "sled" that we can use behind the snow machines. There were a couple of skis here from a machine and he has added some scags to them and is working on the attachment and turning mechanism etc. He is also going to building a snow groomer for the trails around our cabin. Every one pitches in and works on the trails to keep them usable for all. 
Of course first we need some snow!

I think tomorrow I will do some more rearrangement on the back porch. There are some things like the canning stuff that really don't need to be on the shelves out there and can go in a tote and be stored in the "barn" for the winter. When space is limited and winter is coming you don't need that kind of stuff taking up room if you have somewhere to go with it. After I get done with that I think I am going to go visit one of our neighbors for a bit and then come home and get started on some curtains. We are going to want them when winter really hits. I am going to "quilt" them on the machine for added warmth.

Thanks for reading and sharing our adventure. Blessings to all, Myra


  1. Gosh Myra, I am glad you are getting the modern conveniences, but how fun!!! I feel so accomplished when I bake cookies and make a dessert in ONE week and here you are doing everything, or I complain if Gary asks me to stop at the store on the way home for hot dog or hamburger buns, I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN AGAIN. I love the pics I got behind on reading your blog and have spent the last hour reading and catching up so I had better go and show something productive of my day today. Love Pam

  2. Wow! A new stove and a water heater!! You guys are certainly making progress. We are down to about 12 hours of daylight now. It's not really good and light until about 7:30 in the morning and the sun is down by 7:30. Time change is this weekend. It has been a beautiful Fall in the east but we are not waiting on the river to freeze! I love the pictures. Take lots and lots and share them with us. Take care and be careful.