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Sunday, August 1, 2010

We have a Mobile Home

Most of you know by now I have been trying to get the cabin picked up off the ground via jacking it up. I need to put new pilings under it and get it higher up because of snow levels. You probably also know that I kind of dropped the cabin once as it fell off the pilings when I first started to lift it. Myra was inside and it made quite a rucus. Well, every time the weather gets nice enough to crawl around under the cabin and in the holes I had to dig I work on jacking it up. Today was a nice day so another lift, right? What I haven't told you is that for every inch the cabin goes up it also keeps going sideways to the south about an inch. The cabin is now about two feet furthur south than it used to be and I have no idea why it keeps going that direction. I use three jacks a level and good support blocks to jack it up. I jack it straight up, one end at a time and It just keeps going south! Hummm. It moved so far today I had to figure out how to re-aim the internet satilite dish because we lost satilite communication. I am baffled!
On a MUCH brighter note, Myra found a really nice Red Rasberry patch last night and some of them are ripe enough to eat. We are going to eat some, jam some and freeze some I hope. We also have Watermelon Berrys getting ripe and Cranberries and Current Berries coming in very heavy. It is no wonder the Bear scat is full of berries, I hope to mimic them (I think).
It was a balmy 64 degrees today and mostly sunny. On days like this we work in the lightest clothes possible for the job and mosquitoe protection will allow. We sweated our behinds off today. Myra did get the wood preservitive on all the piling logs today while I was moving supports around to keep up with the mobile home, then we lifted it another couple of inches today.
Myra made barbeque boneless ribs on the charcoal grill and potatoes and pork & beans for supper mmmm.
Yesterday I worked on the boat most of the day. It runs real good since the service work but since we spend so much time in it, it needed a few creature comfort changes. I moved the seats to a more comfortable position for us (the were set for a giant) and moved the battery to allow more space for the dogs (they go with us everywhere) and I cut a hole in the dash and built in a glove box for Myra's ???? She ask for it, she got it. Also took out some un-neccessary decoritive wood pieces to increase our hauling capacity and just cleaned it up in general. It is strange to realize that this is our primary mode of transportation for 5 to 6 months a year. We haul on average over 1500# of stuff every time we come up river. This last trip for example - 4 batteries @ 113# ea. = 450#, 104 gallons of gas @7.2 pounds per gallon = 749# Atv part 30#, Oil Furnace 60#, Water Heater 50# Installation parts 50# Laundry & soaps etc"lots" 50#, groceries and supplies 155# 3 totes of stuff out of our trailer (we are still not done moving) 150# not to mention all the little stuff, Total about 1744# Then add Me Myra and the dogs. We are considering getting a kicker motor to add to the boat so we can travel a little faster up river. The boat handles the wieght fine but the motor could use some more ponies to help the get up and go.
I have learned a lesson from this, We could have got a different boat, about identical but it had a 225hp motor and I decided against it. I told myra, once we are done moving we won't need that big of motor. What I did not realize is that we will NEVER be done hauling things up the river. This is where we live and stuff doesn't just magically show up here. Live and Learn!
Snowmachines towing freight sleds in the winter will take the place of the boat, that should be interesting. The snow trails aren't nearly as smooth as the water! Wonder what we will do with the dogs then? Just thought of that, hum.
Oh Well, Talk to you later,
Thanks for being here,

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