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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bears & Work Everywhere.

When you read Myra's post you will hear of our last bear visit to the cabin. We were on the way home from town and came across this bear in the river. Of course it is swimming across in the direction of OUR CABIN, so we may get to see it again also.
I know I told you that I would try to get pictures of the seals. They were not there at the island. In fact the water level was so high the island was not there. It is covered by water at this time. We did see two seals in the water but they dove before we could get the camera up. We will keep trying to catch them.

The bears did visit while we were in town. They literally took the tote out of the ground as you can see by the pictures. There is the burning barrel in the back ground, knocked over again.

She left a big pile of scat as a marker and the were cub piles scattered around again. I am sure it is the same family.
We found a total of 4 eggs left on the ground that they did not eat, but of course the eggs were out of refrigeration for ? Anyone know how quick they will spoil, We thru them away.

Now for the Work: We keep talking about all of the stuff we haul up river on the boat. Here are some Pic's of the load this trip.

The list: New 18" Husqvarna chainsaw w/gal oil, extra chain, gas mix, Groceries in 4 totes and a cooler, chest freezer, camper refrigerator, 6 4x4s, 3 4x6s, 100# & 20# propane tanks, laundry, 34 gallons of gas, fishing gear, 7 new water jugs, misc supplies from lowes,Myra, Me, the dogs and we picked up 12 year old Anthony at Yentna Station.

We Must quit going to town. Here is my list (that I can think of) of things to get done:
* = before winter
*Cut more Fire wood,
*Install Fuel Oil Furnace,
*Finish Jacking up Cabin,
*Install New Pilings,
*Replace all Insulation under floor (squirrels)
*Caulk and seal windows (not done when installed by previous owner)
*Get snowmachines up here before Freeze up
*Get boat out of water
Get Winter work shop area, blue tarp won't hold up to snow! *hopefully*
Install Fixed Wireless telephone,
Dig root Cellar,
Build Back Porch,
Install water heater and more plumbing
Install permenant electrical outlets,
Build real restroom
Install New Battery inverter and Big Batteries,
Install Refrigerator, it goes thru the outside wall (RV style)
None of this includes, Haul water, stock more Gas and Fuel Oil, Daily chores, sleep, eat, sex - (yea right), get the mail occasionally,
When we get time, then we will finish the wood trim in the cabin, paint and carpet the upstairs, build a real bed frame, build more shelving all over inside, plant a garden, Fish, Hunt, Do Canning of fish meat berries etc, build a permenat workshop, build a gas/fuel shed, build a wood shed, continue living etc!
Is anybody else tired?
Life is good today.
Thanks for being here to share this, I can use the help!
Talk to you soon,

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