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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salmon for Dinner

We have been at the cabin since June 10th and I finally put a fishing pole together today and went fishing. It was raining very constant and sometimes very hard all day and about 58 degrees. There was a very thick fog laying right on the river and it was very difficult to see, but like any dummy, I went anyway. Sounds really bad but it is actually a very comfortable temperature. I wore jeans a shirt under the rain suit, no gloves, no jacket or sweater and was comfortable. The dogs went with me and got soaked, playing up on shore while I floated a creek. They are wiped out tonight.
I went to Bottle Creek about 3 miles up river from home. The fish were so thick in the creek you could walk across them. I accidentally snagged a couple I had to release, they were so thick. I casted a few different lures and finally found the right one, it caught all the fish. I caught a Steel head Trout, a Pink Salmon (aka Humpy) and a Silver Salmon (aka Coho). I only kept the Silver. I filleted the fish right on the bow of the boat, put it in a Ziploc and headed for home. We had about the freshest Salmon possible for supper. It was Awesome. We have no Tartar and that's OK, we did not need it. This fish was not fishy, it did not smell when I cooked it and the texture was great. We only had Ramon oriental noodles and canned corn to go with it, Kind of low on fancy side dishes around here. (Don't buy Ramon oriental noodles, yuck.) I did not weigh or measure the fish but I cut up and cooked one fillet and it was double the amount of fish we could eat. We have cold cooked fish sandwiches for lunch tomorrow and another whole fillet for supper tomorrow night then cold fish for lunch on Friday, if we use the whole fish. That should be enough to hold me over for a few days before I need more fish.

I took a picture but my camera got wet and quit working. I can't even get the picture off of the card right now. Anyhow, since there is no picture I will tell you it was WORLD CLASS Huge (about 30" & 15 lbs whole really I guess) it was a good catch. Now I have to go buy a freezer so we can keep some for winter. Problem with the freezer is our new inverter is not here so we would have to run the generator a lot to keep a freezer going. I really don't want to do that. Once we get the big inverter and I install the big batteries we can go 2 to 4 days on one charge of the batteries. Right now all we have is two deep cycle marine batteries and we have to charge them daily just for the satellite, computers and one light fixture (compact fluorescent) to be able to function. the inverters we currently have are not big enough to even turn on a freezer, it would have to be direct to the big generator. That would make fish saving very expensive in a hurry.

Anyhow, I WENT FISHING today, HURRAY! It was too wet to plow and I can't dance, so fishing seemed like a good alternative to crawling around in the mud to jack up the cabin. It was nice to take a real break from the work and running and just fish. Myra encouraged me to go when I mentioned it (Thank You). I am not sure what she did all day and didn't even ask. I see a little work and sorting done but I think she mainly sat around watching soap operas and eating Bon Bons'. We don't get TV and I am not sure what a Bon Bon is but she tells me this is her favorite past time.

No work got done today, (by me)

Thanks for being here with us,


Still wet, and whooped! Fishing is HARD WORK!

Myra here. Just a note that I haven't seen a soap opera since way before we left Ohio and I'm not sure either exactly what a Bon Bon is. (I am sure someone out there will tell us LOL). I did reorganize stuff in the kitchen again to try and figure out what we need to get to go with what we have. Trying to stock up for freeze up as it can be any where from 3-6 weeks that you cannot go ANYWHERE unless you want to pay for a plane to come. And that is not cheap! Anyway hopefully our inverter will come tomorrow and we can get the bigger batteries set up and go get the freezer. (I am hoping we can bring the fridge out too). That would really expand our choices of foods! Right now we keep minimal refrigerated stuff as it has to go into a hole in the ground that Roger dug and put a tote in. That is then covered with Styrofoam (3Layers) and a piece of wood. Kind of a hassle to use but at least we can keep a few things like some cheese and eggs and leftovers now and then. It is time for more! At least I think so. Oh well. Time for popcorn and a good book. Blessings to all, Myra

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  1. Now that sounds like a productive day-three meals and some fun to boot. Yum, our collective mouths watered as you described the fish. Sounds delicious. Stay safe and enjoy the raspberries and fish while you can, they sound terrific.