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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Short Update

I am too pooped to do a long post or process pictures, Sorry.
We mad a last minute deal to hire a Barge to bring the rest of our belongings up river. The water level has dropped so much hauling on the water is about to end. We are almost dryed into our place now. It stopped raining and the glacier stopped melting because of longer nights and cooler temperatures. The river is not passable for the barge after today. We had one bring all of our stuff up yesterday.
We went to town on Sunday and shopped for about 10 hours to get as much of our groceries and supplies and fuel to last until until the river is frozen. We were told to do this just in case the river does not come back up (rain) and we get stuck for up to 3 or 4 months. I guess this has happened a hand full of times over the years and it is about due to happen, so be prepared!
We loaded the barge and our boat yesterday morning, stopped and picked up two boys from Yentna station to help us unload and got to our landing about 4:oo. We hauled to the cabin until after nine, then a quick ATV ride for me and the boys to treat them for working so hard. Finished hauling to the cabin this morning then took them fishing on the way to taking them home.
I put a nice Northern and a decent Silver in the freezer tonight.
We did get some pictures of the seals but the water level was so low we could not get too close to there island, we will post the pictures. We also have pictures of the barge and the crane loading the snowmachines and other pictures. Just no energy to download, re size and upload the pictures tonight.
I will catch up with you soon, Probably on a rainy day if it comes again. No rain in the forecast until Saturday and we are busting butt to get ready for winter. It is in the thirties at night all week this week.
Sorry no more information,
Keep checking in, I will give lots of pictures and a good update, probably Myra too.
See Ya,

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