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Friday, August 13, 2010

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg those darn Bears!

Denali (Mt McKinley) on Right

Hi all. It is Friday night and we made it safely back from town yesterday evening. We stopped by Yentna Station Roadhouse on the way home and picked up Anthony, Dan and Jeans 12 year old foster son who has been driving all of us nuts wanting to come and stay with us for a few days. It is different having someone else around besides just the two of us and the critters.

The bears visited again while we were in town and ransacked the burning barrel and also our miniature "root cellar" that Roger had dug a fed weeks ago so we could at least keep a few refrigerated things. Roger had put a half a salmon in there and forgot to get rid of it before we went into town. Needless to say they not only got the salmon but also the cheese, eggs and butter that were in there.       :(

I have been busy trying to find places to put stuff in the cabin, especially groceries as we have started to stock up for "freeze up". It can be quite a while that the river in unusable to travel either by boat or snowmachine. We did bring up the refrigerator and a small chest freezer but do not have them up and running yet. Soon I hope. Our inverter did come yesterday, Tom from Bentalit Lodge which is about 2 miles from us and that we can drive to on ATV's picked up our mail when he went and it was in!!!!!  We went over there today and got the mail from them and filled water jugs.

Roger jacked up the cabin a couple inches today, taking it slow and easy and letting things settle each few inches. It has been a challenge to do with all the rain we have had. Today was the 27th day in a row that it rained! It has been one of the wettest, cloudiest, gloomiest summers on record here. :-(  And even with all the rain it is still dustier than all get out in this cabin! Nothing seems to stop the dust.

Well that is about all for tonight from me. Thanks for sharing our adventure.
Blessings, Myra

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  1. Wow, the list of things to do is daunting and an arduous work load. We keep praying that the cabin will cooperate with you this time and that all will go well.

    We too were visited by a bear-an older black bear that has discovered the joys of eating garbage and a fear of dogs. Our little schipperke ran it off. Of course the bear was not gone for too long. It visited two of our neighbors and took the garbage can with him to feast upon at its leisure. I am not sure if it is female or male, but it is a nuisance.

    Your bears look much larger and much more dangerous. I think cubs or not I would be pestering someone to shoot it, if it were into my eggs, cheese and butter. Well, she better start teaching those little ones to forage for berries and fish in the river or creek not in your storage. I can foresee bear roast on the menu come winter. Don makes an excellent bear roast- we had one last week. But, it was from a bear downed on a tag in season.

    We hope you are still enjoying the blessings and the adventure. We are praying for your continued good health and safety-K for D3