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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Myra wears a Gun

Yep, that is Myra wearing a gun while she is working on the trail. The black straps over her shoulders and the case on her front is her "body front" holster which holds her 44 magnum revolver with hardened point 255 grain bullets.(translation, Big hand gun, with big bullets).
Sorry, I did not realize how small her image would be on here. This is the ONLY picture I have of her working, and she was a long way away from me. Yes, I wear a gun too, but for a different reason. I wear mine just in case she gets mad at me. I am not sure why she ever would though. Lol
Below is the reason Myra wears her gun (I Think). These bears are right at the back of the blue tarp "work shop

Myra will tell you her version of the story but I got to the blog first so I gotta tell you mine.
We were working on raising the cabin AGAIN today and she was hauling things around and moving some dirt. She went by me on the atv heading toward the back of the property, I was jacking up the back corner of the cabin on the opposite side from the work shop. All of the sudden I hear Oh OH and the brakes of the atv. I jumped up and looked at her and she is pointing and saying Bear! (No camera at hand) This time it is at a back trail where we worked cutting down a tree yesterday. I looked where she pointed and a cub came out of the tall grass and headed away from us. That was not the first one she had seen at that spot, but the only one I seen. The bears were about 75 feet from us at the back of the "yard" we have cleared.
I did not see all of them at this point but we knew it was a Mother (sow) with cub. If any of you have read much about bears then you know a sow with cubs is about as unpredictable as a hormonal mother of three toddlers. Anything can happen at any time, and probably will.
The cub I saw ran into the brush in the area Myra said the other bear went that she saw. We watched and talked (and hollard at the bears) for about a minute and the brush just kept moving and cracking in the same area, they weren't leaving. I finally fired a shot high in the bush over them and we heard them run off. This was about 2:00 I am guessing.
We came in for supper about 5:00. We had the big generator running so we could use the microwave oven to heat soup for supper and charge the batteries some. We had eaten and decided we were going to relax for a few. I went out to shut off the generator. I rounded the front corner of the cabin toward the work shop and there is a cub standing right by the back corner of the work shop (40').

It did not see me. I turned around, back into the cabin and Myra and I started snapping pictures thru windows. This is Momma and 3 cubs, she has her head in the burning barrel. It appears that when we burned trash yesterday that not all things burned completely. I don't think this mattered though because when we got back from town and they had rifled through the burning barrel and there was not a thing but ash and char in it.

The cub really wants Bushes baked Beans. See its paw wrapped around the can.

Mom, get out of the can, It's My turn.

This one wondered off about 30' from Mom. The scarey thing is Never get between a sow and her cub. If we were to come around the corner of the cabin and get between them by accident?

She is standing up here because I was yelling at her from an upstairs window and she was looking for me, with no luck. She could not see me and wouldn't leave. I finally put my revolver out the window and fired right beside her (Not at her) and she took off, cubs close behind. We are planning more target practice tomorrow, and I think the 12 gauge shotgun will be close by all day, maybe the rifle too if we are in seperate areas. (that Hormonal Mother thing) More power!
We do not want to kill this bear. If we should have to do it because she won't leave us alone then we need to kill the cubs also. They are one year old(s) and will not survive on there own. They will just die a much slower death. This is the rules out here. Then we have to report to State Game control and do a bunch of paperwork and and and. Let's hope she learns to stay away.

A Good day to experience,

Thank you for letting us share with you, Sincerely, Roger


  1. Roger, a pellet/BB gun would be absolutely hilarious and could provide hours of entertainment and funny videos. Although if momma bear figures out its your pestering her from the second story window, she might decide to play funny games with you...

  2. Hey, Leroy says if you have to shoot this family, send us some of the meat. I have never had bear, but he says the backstraps are very tasty. Love you. Kaye

  3. I am really liking the hormonal mother comment.... seem to ring a bell about a conversation we had. I love you dad!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your adventure!
    Much admiration and many prayers and blessings to you both!
    I dream of bringing my fly rods to the site.
    Best regards-