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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life doesn't get any Better

Jeff and I worked HARD today, then Myra fed us dinner and this is the result. One of the best half hours of my life!

We haven't seen the bears for two days now. I must have shot close enough to Momma to get her attention.

Today was just another day. I took apart the small generator that the cabin fell on and used a heat gun (via the big generator) and warmed up the plastic shell and took the crease out of it. You would never know it had a cabin land on it. We are running it right now to provide the power to Beam this Blog to the satellite.
We got the rest of the items out from under the cabin today. The only thing we have to replace is two pieces of black stove pipe for the chimney to the wood burner. We stored them under the cabin until I am ready to replace the old ones. (another job to do) Anyhow, the tote that got crushed was full of citronella candles and oil lamps etc. Everything just shifted down in that tote and the bottle of oil looks like an accordion, but nothing broke. The other stuff under there was UN-touched. Can you believe it, I dropped a cabin full of stuff, Onto stuff, and we have lost a total of $15 worth of items. God was truly watching over a fool that day.

I also put the new drive shaft on the ATV, cut and hauled some wood, and finished clearing the limb and one more tree for or view to the river. Skyped with the Grand Kids, Then supper, nap with Jeff, loaded the ATV trailer and went to the boat. Loaded for our trip to town, greased the Jet on the Boat motor, paid some bills and now typing a blog post. I feel like I am forgetting something but I hear that comes with age.

Myra did hum, what did Myra do today? Hey Myra, what did you do today? Whew, that was close!

She helped me a share of the day, attempted to burn trash (wet again today), started arranging her sewing and craft area, cooked, cleaned, cooked some more, cleaned some more, Helped pay bills, got ready to go to town. Just a typical day that has me typing this blog at 11:oo at night.

Oh Yea,

I remember now! I sprained my ankle the other day and it has been getting more sore by the day. OK in the morning except weak, then burning, swollen and sore as all get out by the end of the day. I have tried medicines, ace wrap, ankle brace, ankle brace with ace wrap and medicine. Today I found the answer. We had Paper Medical tape, so I shaved my ankle, applied the paper tape, and then,sense we have no athletic tape, I duct taped my ankle. It worked! I worked virtually pain free all day and feel fine tonight.

We have 3 rolls of duct tape left, and have it on the town list to buy. Duct tape holds most of Alaska together, me included!

Life doesn't get any better!

The last picture is the surface of the river the other day when the water was so high. I told you how Gray it is, well now you can see the glacier silt. It is so thick it looks like it's cracking. Of course it's not. .
It is actually clear on the top couple of inches, then the sediment boils down in it. It looks cool during different light conditions. The salmon swim up these rivers, then turn into the spawning streams which are the clear tributaries and lay there eggs. Most of the fishing is done in the tributaries but I see fish jump out here all the time. I just gotta get work done and go fishing more often.
Going to town early tomorrow. Talk to you in a couple of days.
Glad you are here with us,
Roger & Myra
PS: We live very close to 3 GOOD spawning streams! See Ya

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