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Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday & Rain

The dogs had a good day!
Sunday was my birthday. We listened to the nascar race in the morning and then left for a 125 mile river trip. We went down to the Deshka landing for some friends of ours to help them load up people and gear and food to go to thier Roadhouse. Dan & Jean had family come in from New York, Dan's half brother and Sister and spouse, that he had never met in 63 years of life. It was pretty neat to be part of that. We also had birthday cake for me at the Roadhouse AND it was Dan and Jeans 31st wedding anniversary. It was a big day and we did not get home until just before 11:oopm. It was still light enough to see on the river, but it was getting close to the edge of night. We do get darkness now, like most of the rest of the world. It gets night fall about 11:15 or so depending on clouds and it is getting daylight around 4:30.

It rained all night last night, and sometimes very hard rain, again. I did NOT jack up the cabin today. Myra worked inside all day doing the domestic things like dishes and floors and cooking and and and. I cut, split and stacked wood all day. We worked until about 8:30 and had homemade chicken noodle soup for supper.

The top picture is a normal view of the gravel bar in front of our boat landing area. The second picture is the exact same direction except the river is up, the gravel bar can't be seen except for the logs setting on it. That gravel bar is usually 3 to 4 feet above water. It is gone for the second time in a week. The boat is doing fine tied right where we normally keep it. Myra tied it this time.

We did find out that there are seals on an island almost all of the time, down at the confluence of the Yentna and the Susitna rivers. We go by them all the time and have never noticed them. A new acquaintance or ours told us to stop and look, they blend right in with the logs on the island. We are going to town on Wednesday and Thursday, we will try to get some pictures if they are there. (Also, with my advanced age, I will have to remember to look.)
This picture is in the area where the seals are at. The mountain in the background is Mt. Susitna. Most pictures of this mountain are taken from Anchorage which is about 45 miles due south, across Cooks Inlet, of this position on the Susitna River that we travel. If you google Mount Susitna you will find more information. We are looking south west at the mountain here.
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  1. I bet the rivers up there are crystal clean too. Living by the Mississippi and Wapsi leaves a bad taste...and I would never eat anything caught out of them.

  2. The rivers are chemically clean but the one in front of our place, and most major rivers are glacier fed so they are full of sediment. They are almost Ash Gray. The over land tributaries and creeks are pristine. That is where most fishin is done because you can see them.

  3. We are glad you are both well. We also are very glad that you had a good birthday and were able to celebrate all your blessings.

    It sounds as if you had some tough days. We hope the worst is behind you and that your adventure will continue to be one of awe and wonder. Best always

  4. betty Anne (de Boer) Miedema - of denDulk extractionAugust 10, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    Hi! I'm Betty (de Boer) Miedema, cousin of your Mom, Elaine. A friend/classmate of your Aunt Joyce is sharing your blog with me and it is fascinating!!! Husband Clarence and I lived in Ripon and then Sonora, CA. before moving here to Lynden, WA. 7 years ago. My mother Nel, was sister to your grandpa, Kieth. Did you know it's Aunt Carrie's 100th b-day this month? We'll all be sending her a card. Hope to be able follow your blog in the future. What an adventure. (My kind of thing but only a dream) Clarence is close to 81 and I'm 79. Love it here in WA. Moved here to be near one of our daughters and her family. Son (single) steve moved here from MI. after we did so we have two of our five kids near. Other three are in CA. Stay safe, you two. Betty Anne