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Friday, August 20, 2010

I've been tired and tried, Myra's been gone

We have had our first rain free days (3 in a row) since 31 days ago. It had rained for 31 days straight, with cloud cover and murky skys almost the whole time. You had seen a few pictures from afternoons where we had a break in the clouds for a little while, but we had measurable precipitaion 31 days in a row.

Finally, nice weather and Myra was gone helping out a Yentna Station Roadhouse. What that meant is that the work I did at the cabin had to be of the "safe" nature. I could not jack up the cabin or fell trees or get on the roof or climb tall ladders etc because of no one around to find me or help if I get hurt. Little accidents can turn big after 3 days of being pinned under something.

So what did I do for 3 days? I drug wood up to the wood pile from trees I had already cut down and I split wood. I also split the wood I had previously stacked that I thought I would wait until winter to do. The pictures are the morning of day two. I wanted to show you my helpers. I only have about 3 or 4 hours work and I will have all of the gathered wood split. It is about 6 face cords so far. I still have to get more standing dead and dry down trees cut up to get me going for early winter to give most of this wood more time to dry. I only have about 2 face cord of dry wood right now. That will only get me into November by my guesstimate. The other wood should be freeze dried dehyrated by mid January, so I need about 3 cords of dry wood yet. I have been gathering, cutting and splitting wood all day each day except for time out for pictures so there really has been NO ENERGY left to do a blog post. I will get you a picture for the next post, of the wood pile now. It is real different!

Now for the neat stuff. The clouds lifted for the first time since I cut the clearing to the river. We Really have a view! The first picture is from the living room window or the front door, I don't remember which, but they are side by side. The next one is from our bedroom window.I can see some more firewood in the front yard, can you? This is very cool that we can see the mountain range, now the need for firewood and a wider view just may come together this winter or near near future. Not right away though because I gotta get some more dry stuff from the forest in the back yard. I took the 3rd picture real early in the same day as the clouds were lifting. The mountains came into view and I was on the hill in the front "yard" pulling some of the wood to the wood pile. I seen this and couldn't wait for pictures. The panorama view from the front yard is spectacular, and not something I know how to capture with a camera (especially my cheap one). Myra will probably get better pictures with her good camera. And finally, the fourth picture I took was on the way to Yentna Station to get Myra yesterday. It is Mt McKinley (Denali). I had a view of the alaska range and Denali from at least 7 different places on the river on the way down. some better than this but not good places to stop the boat when the current is so fast and I was the only one in the boat. I can't steer and take pictures at the same time in 10 mile an hour current. By the way, the river has dropped 4.5 feet in 2 days and is predicted to fall another 1.5 feet by Sunday.

Myra, Anthony (the 12 year old from Yentna Station) and Me came back to the cabin about 9:00 this morning. Anthony and I packed sandwiches and drinks and headed out fishing for the day. There is only about a week left in the Silver Salmon run and I need to get some in the freezer. I brought Anthony for an extra license in case they were biting great, so I could double the limit of posession for the day. Well fishing was real good BUT, I had a 12 year old fishing with me. We had fun most of the day and had lots of fish on the hook. Getting them in the boat was a whole other story. I was getting the hang of the bite of the Silvers, and baiting Anthonys hook (because the eggs are a little difficult to get right)and talking and fidgeting and spilling coffee etc. We had a Rainbow Trout and a big Silver on the stringer. The Silver was not quite dead after 3 whacks on the head and it was still moving slowly on the stringer. Anthony was obsessed with the Silver still moving and insisted on killing it. I had another Silver on my line, Anthony is whacking the heck out of the one on the stringer. I am fighting the one on my line. He whacks the one so many times he tears the stringer thru the fishes gill and losses both fish on the stringer. He grabs the net, dips it in the water going after the stringer fish just as I am getting my next one close to the boat. My fish dives under the net, breaks my line and we loose all 3 fish. Uug, arrrrrrrg, shhhhhhhh, daaaaaaa, UH, I buried my head in my hands, set down on the bow and got quiet for a couple of minutes. Yes, he survived. We lost another one while he tried to net it for me. I broke off on 3 more goooooood fighting fish, ran out of eggs (bait) and came home with none. The 12 year old survived, did I mention that. His Dad (Dan) gave me more eggs tonight.
It was a beautiful day outside, I HAD fish in and at the boat and I am going to try to go again tomorrow, after other chores are done. I will be alone or with Myra though.
Myra managed to rest and recooperate all day today. (Soap Opera's and Bon Bon's!) The plan for tomorrow is for me to split wood while she bakes bread then jack up the cabin some, while the weather holds, then go fishing. We'll see which one wins priority. After typing this I feel fishing moving up on the list.
See Ya,
If your over 25 and can handle a fishing net please come visit next season! OH Yea, I'll net your fish for you also.
Glad you are here with us,

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