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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Normal Day

Today was nothing special. Myra spent the day inside cleaning. The only special task she took on was starting to develope a spreadsheet for the inventory of groceries. With stocking so much and not going to town very often it is hard to keep track of what we have used and what remains in stock. We don't have room to stock it all on shelves, a lot of it is in totes that are marked, so yu can't just go thru the cupboards and see what you need. I'll bet she gets a good handle on a system.
I spent the day burning waste and debris from around the property and building the walls on the back porch. The walls are complete and I will start the roof system tomorrow.
I don't have a lot to pass on so I am just going to post pictures.

A Couple of more sunset pictures.This big version of Hans is his Mother. She is named Chewey (Chubacka)

We had a Hail storm the last time we were in town. The hail came down for about 3 minutes and this is the results. You can see how deep it is around my shoe.
Thank You for reading about our adventure.
See Ya,

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  1. dude, on a slow day you should be smoking bear meat for jerkey. hint hint..