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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weather / Sunlight / Pilings / More

I got all the Piling logs for the cabin cut today and brought up to the front yard. Pilings are basically vertical logs stuck in the ground that the cabin sits on. The original Pilings were rotted and junk so the cabin was setting on boards laying on the ground when we got here. That is definitely not the thing to have here because of the depth of snow fall and quantity of ground creatures, you want the cabin up off the ground. I have been jacking it up a little every few days and we are getting close to having it high enough so it is time to get the new Pilings ready.

Anyhow, they are here at the cabin and Myra got one of them most of the way peeled today.

We will treat them with a preservative so they don't rot very fast (15 to 20 years). I probably won't care if they rot then.

I did go out back to rescue the ATV this morning. I was able to remove the whole drive shaft to the back wheel and put the tire back on. I just drove it home with 3 wheel drive and we will limp that one around until we get the new part. I ordered it today but it is 10 to 12 days from getting in to the dealer, then we have to pick it up, so who knows how long.

The Upstairs looks great for the arrangement Myra finally settled on. I like it a lot. (THANKS BABE')

It is starting to get very dim at night now. It still does not get totally dark outside but it gets dark enough it is dark inside. You can still go walking around outside with out a flashlight any time of the night, but we are getting close to full darkness about 2:30 to 3:am.

The weather has been very consistent. It has been mid Fifties almost every day, with a rare occasion when it will shoot up to mid 60s. Today was one of those days, it got up to 63 and mostly sunny. I sweat my butt off on days like this. I literally wore light shorts under carhartt bibs and a very light weight vented fishing shirt and roasted all day.

It is amazing how fast the body acclimates to the change in climate. Even JEFF has as much hair now as he had all of last winter. He is not shedding, just growing a very full coat.

Speaking of Jeff, he is getting very muscular and he eats like a horse. He plays with Hans, the pup a lot and he runs with me when I am on the ATV almost everywhere I go now. That worries me when I am pulling logs around or hauling the trailer because he does not always watch out real well. The pup pretty much stays around the cabin when I get on the ATV, I think he has figured out he can't keep up yet.

Speaking of sweating my butt off, when we got to Alaska the belt I am wearing was on it's last notch at the end. I am now bouncing between the 3rd and 4th hole. I don't have a clue if I am losing weight, getting in shape or the belt is stretching. We did not bring a scale, but I am able to get into one pair of jeans I couldn't wear when we left Ohio.

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. I had to weld some pieces on the ATV trailer. It was the first time. I have not welded in 4 or 5 months. I have been letting my beard grow. I made my first weld, I had on welding gloves which are thick, the welding mask was down. I finished that first weld, I reached up like I have always done and hooked a thumb under the welding mask to flip it up. I never knew how hard you can pull a beard from under the chin with one thumb. OMG, I almost cried! I have since learned a new technique to flip up the welding mask.

It has been a fun day,

Thanks for reading, we are always thinking about you all.

OK so the upstairs arrangement is finally done! Only took 3 times as long as I had figured on. Which seems pretty typical around here. You start on one thing, have to do something else in order to do what you first started and round and round it goes! Now I will start on the downstairs. Slowly. It is a good thing we are "retired" and not in a hurry. LOL. A lot depends on the weather right now as we need to get the pilings done and get more firewood put up yet.

I had taken some pictures to post showing some of the changes around here but apparently my card is corrupted and there was nothing on it! I really hate when that kind of stuff happens. I will try again tomorrow. At least I have another card I can use.

It is really weird strapping on a gun to go outside and take pictures or hang laundry or whatever! I just know that I do not want to come face to face with a sow and her cubs and not have one with me! You get used to it sort of. The longer we are here the less signs of bear I am seeing close to the cabin anyway. There are still lots of trails farther out around the area.

Well it has been a long day, the pup got me up about 6:15 this morning to go out (better than not and peeing in the house!!!) and I had been awake until about 1 am. Time to get ready for bed I do believe.

Blessings to all, Myra

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