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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday July 12 2010

Hi Again. What an absolutely beautiful day we had today. Sunny and low 70's. Good day to hang the wash outside. Especially since the inside clothesline is still full of "memorabilia" that got wet. Thankfully Roger was able to get an old mini washer deal that was here to do the spin cycle so that helped a lot for my hands so that I didn't have to wring, wring, wring!!!!!

Roger dropped (cut down) a couple more trees today that were blocking our view of the river and the mountains. It appears that nothing has been cleared around here in many years. We will continue to clear out an area in front of the house until we have the view we know we can have of the river and mountains.

This evening as we were getting ready to eat a really beautiful dog showed up outside. We had no clue who's dog it was but luckily she had a tag on with her name and where she belonged. Had supper and then we tried calling the people, no answer, so left a message and loaded her and our dogs on the boat and took her home. We had planned on going out in the boat this evening anyway to look for a "seep" along the riverbank where we might possibly be able to get clear water. We had been told that there was one about 100' down river from the landing area. So far we have not found it. Oh well.

Wednesday I am going into town with Jean and a couple of her kids for 3 days. That will be a nice outing and will give me a chance to meet some more people. Jean knows all the neat craft supply places to go so I will love that!

I am going to put another picture in (just for you Katie!) LOL!!!! Blessings, Myra