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Monday, July 12, 2010

Roger here

So Myra posted a picture of me and Jeff on the ATV, obviously that was still at the motel before we brought it to the cabin. Jeff does ride on it occasionally here also. The other day we went out a mile or so and he acted really tired so I let him ride home. I think he fell asleep because he rolled right off the back. We were going slow at the time so he did not get hurt, he just jumped back on and we went home.
Hans (the new pup) and Jeff have taken to playing hide and seek in the tall bush when we walk to and from the river. It is neat to watch the pup run in front and dart into the weeds and hide waiting for Jeff to come by, then he jumps out to attack. The pup also takes ahold of Jeff's collar and leads him around and pulls on him. Jeff just lets him do it.
I have met four of the nieghbors that live from 2 to 5 Miles away. The people have all been great so far. If anyone wants to by a 10,000 square foot lodge about 3 miles from us I can show you the way. $1.2M will get you started with a turn key operation. It's beautiful and very well done, even has an airport. I could recommend a very good Manager/caretaker and a cook.
I built a blue tarp "temporary" workshop the other day. It seems every time I have wanted to fix or build something it rains. Rain is not bad but it is hard on the tools. When the weather is nice I try to cut trees or weeds or jack up the cabin some more.
I have dropped down a half dozen trees that I will cut up while Myra is in town for a few days. The general rule out here is DO NOTHING DANGEROUS while there is no one around to help if you get in trouble. I can't cut down trees, jack up the cabin, climb on the roof or anything like that without someone around. Just good common sense, so I am told by the others that live out here. I have heard several stories about people dieing out here. One was just mowing his yard and rolled the "large" garden tractor on himself. He layed for 3 days and died of exposure to the elements. All he had was a pinned, broken leg.
I haven't told Myra but I think I am just going fishing while she is in town, and yes, I will wear my life jacket. The water is only 52 degrees and you go numb in a hurry if you fall in.
Thanks for reading, read Myra's also.


  1. Wow, it is amazing reading your blog and following your adventure. You definitely need to start carrying that gun!! Don said the 44 sounds like a good idea. He also wondered why you don't just dig a hole under the window so the bear can't peek in?

    I vote for a bathroom soon. The outhouse just sounds a little too much like 1800's-too many unpleasant adventures to be found in such a building?

    So, how will you stay warm this winter? I guess you can make up for the lack of sleep in the all day sun, with staying in bed in the all night winters? That might not work though. Well, keep the posts and pictures coming. We love hearing about your wilderness experience. Much love to you both, Kathlyn for Don den Dulk, too.

  2. fishing is a good idea.... you have been working hard and you need to relax a little. love you dad