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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Milestone

It is a great day! We finally have internet at the cabin /house! After many delays and frustrations our internet was installed yesterday. They finally got it up and running about 11:30 pm last night. Roger is actually taking the installer over to the airstrip right now to be picked up.
Anyway we have been busy as usual. There is so much to be done around here that some days it seems like we are chasing our tails. It also is time consuming to go to town and get stuff. That is definitely an all day deal at the least. Thursday we left here at 8: am and went in to get parts for one of the ATV's, a tire fixed for it and a few groceries as well as some more tools and the ladders from the trailer that is sitting at Deshka Landing and we didn't get back here til almost midnight again. We did stop at Yentna Station Roadhouse going both ways (which was well worth it on the way home, Thanks again for the good food you guys).
We will do some more posting later, time to heat water and do the dishes so I can fix supper tonight. Love to all, Myra

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