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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Oh OH I forgot to tell you

We had our first real EARTHQUAKE the other day. It was early evening and I was in the boat cleaning it up and Myra was upstairs in the cabin. I felt the ground rumble and could hear it coming at me then BOOM, the shore moved up about four inches and dropped with a thud. The boat splashed in the water. It was way cool (sort of). Myra said she thought the cabin was falling off the temporary pilings but it last way too long, and the cabin shook all over. It is amazing it did not knock it off the temporary pilings because it is not fastened in any way, just setting on top of pieces of logs.
Myra went to town with a friend of ours (Jean Gabryszak) on Wednesday and wont be home until Saturday, and that is only if I go get her! I am open to votes from you on lookers. I have been here with the dogs and cats and the chain saw.
It is different being here alone. I don't want to say too much, but it has been really quiet. I have been working on cutting and stacking wood today. I will still have to split it but I think that will be easier when it gets cold out.
The pictures show the progress on cleaning up and making a yard and some of the down trees, I got most of them cleaned up and stacked today.
I have built a Bush Work shop out of a big blue tarp so I can stay dry when trying to work on things. July rains almost every day. Today it poured until 11:30 then ended the day with clear blue skys.
The picture of the back of the cabin will show where the back Porch USED to be. I tore it down and will rebuild a nice one once I get the cabin all of the way jacked up. You will see the holes I have dug to put Jacking pilings under the cabin as well as temporary Pilings the the Cabin is currently setting on.
Also look at the styrofoam boards on the ground at the back of the cabin. I dug a hole there and hit frost at about 18" down, I dug thru the frost which is about 6"to 8" thick and went down another 18 ". Yep, about 42 inches deep. I put a big plastic tote in the hole and have covered it with several layers of styrofoam. We have a REFRIGERATOR. It stays about 33.5 degrees.
You will also see the boat I think. I was trying to post about 10 pictures but the web site cut me off.

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  1. We heat with wood and it is always easier to split when it is below freezing, but it won't dry as quick until it is split.

    I saw this video the other day about the only full time resident in ANWR. Thought you might find it interesting.