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Monday, July 26, 2010

Good day today. Busy after the race ended. We don't have TV but we did listen to it on the computer/radio. Sometimes I like that better as I tend to do some things while listening instead of just sitting there and watching TV. I had a few more totes of kitchen stuff to go through so I did that, which of course led to some more rearranging in the kitchen area. Which won't be the end of that as I know there is still a couple more totes of kitchen items in the trailer back at the boat landing. I could give up a lot of "things" but when it comes to cooking and baking I tend to have certain items I like (my Kitchenaid mixer for one) and so they made the move too.

I rearranged furniture a little bit too which started because I wanted to clean up and redo under the stairs and the dining table was in the way. I moved that and Roger commented that I seem to be able to "manufacture space". I figure I will just keep moving things until we figure out what is going to work the best. We will eventually be adding a door at the back of the cabin to use as the "main entrance" as the enclosed back porch will act as an arctic entry. So I try to keep that area and walkway clear now so that I don't have to move a bunch of stuff again. I am getting tired of the chaos and disorganization. I am ready to know where things are when I need or want them.

Roger spent the day outside in the drizzly rain cutting down trees so that we can see the river from the cabin. It is AWESOME! We knew there was a good view of it other than the trees that needed cleared. There have been a lot of changes since we arrived here at the cabin on June 10th. This is what the outside looks like now. We have got it cleared out quite a ways so that the bears can't "sneek" up too close. (Yes we still carry our guns when we go out.)

Here is the downstairs ceiling at the moment. I had a tote of memorabilia get wet so.....what's a girl to do?

Time for a nap now. Tomorrow will be another busy day. Tuesday we head into town to take the boat in for engine repairs. Thanks for sharing our adventure with us.
Blessings, Myra


  1. Hello Myra. I love your blog. You guys are sure working hard and making progress. Keep blogging. Us boring people want to live vicariously through you adventurous people! Take care.

  2. Thanks for sending me your blog address. You guys are like pioneers! I love it. I bet you guys sleep well at night! We are having the hottest summer on record so far. Not my cup of tea.