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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our first boat trouble

It is Sunday evening. I did go to town yesterday to get Myra. We also picked up one of Dan and Jeans Foster kids to take to their house. they live about 35 miles from the boat landing and we obviously go past their place everytime we go to town.
Anyhow, we were about 18 miles into the trip, near the mouth of the Yentna river still on the Susitna. the boat motor just made a sudden slow down and dropped about 1500 RPM and about 13 mile an hour of speed. We put out the anchor and I looked the motor over. I discovered that # 4 cylinder was not firing so I changed the spark plug. No luck, this did not fix it. We drove a little ways and paid a lot of attention to what was going on. It seemed no mechanical failure, probably electrical so we made the decision to continue to the Yentna Station Roadhouse / Dan and Jeans.
We made it without furthur incedent but it took 2 hours from the one hour point to get there. Uag, made for a long drive wondering if the boat was going to fail furthur.
I did as much work on the motor as I could do at their place and determined that the Fuel Injector for that cylinder is not working. there is nothing I can do for it out here, and It is getting to dim of light to continue home this late at night. We spent the night at the roadhouse (Thank You Dan and Jean). They made us a great breakfast and we got on our way to finish the trip to the cabin. We got here and got all of our supplies home, but we still have a broken boat. It is not hurting the motor any furthur (that I can tell) to run it. It is just running on 3 cylinders instead of four.
We brought out a little TV with a built in DVD player and some DVD's so we are watching our first movie on a TV instead of the computer. Pretty good entertainment for a rainy evening.
We fired up the wood burnier today, July 18th, because it was a high of 52 and rained all day. It got pretty un-comfortable inside, so we fixed it. I am warm now.
Anyhow, I will call around to Marina's tommorrow and see if i can get the boat in somewhere hopefully on wednesday, because Dan has to go into town and I would like to have a fellow traveler incase of more problems. I would only have to go the first 30 or so miles alone.
Life is good, we got here and we have heat and groceries,
See Ya,
thanks for reading!
I had a good time in town with Jean. Met a lot of really nice folks and had a blast going to the craft stores and thrift shops with Jean. The whole deal with the boat stinks but that is what it is. Thanks again Dan and Jean for all your hospitality.
I will try to get some pics posted in the next couple of days, not happening tonight! I am tired and Roger is making popcorn. Going to have some popcorn, read a little and go to bed!
Love and blessings, Myra

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