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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sorry we did not post last night, got side tracked.
I just got done reading that it has been the 8th wettest July on record around here. No Wonder I get wet every time I go outside. Anyhow, Rained it all day again yesterday. All I accomplished outside was getting the boat pumped out and peeling the rest of the logs for the Pilings. It was just pouring the majority of the day.
As Myra told you, we have a nice view of the river now and if the clouds ever lift I believe we will see the Tordillio Mountain Range. Time will tell on the distance view. When we get a good clear day I will snap some pictures and post them.
We are getting around to go to town as I type this (I should not be setting here but I felt bad for not posting last night), Myra is packing laundry to go. This is the first time we have hauled laundry to town to do it but there is a ton of it and it really needs a good machine washing. The hand washing is a huge amount of work and Myra's hands swells something terrible when she does it. I have to figure out a primitive mechanical washer for out here. We have sold the big Dark Gray Truck and are going to close the deal on that, we are getting the boat motor fixed, picking up the ATV part (hopefully) buying a used instant water heater (maybe) take the pup in to the Vet for his first shots, fax some papers, buy groceries and supplies, return a chainsaw part and buy the right one (I hope), sign up for a "fixed Wireless" phone and then do the things I haven't listed.
We are going to get the fixed wireless phone so you all can call us, especially if you have no long distance charges or lot's of minutes or free nights and weekends or whatever. We will be able to get free incoming calls at the cabin when we do this. The phone rates are outrageous up here and that is why we have been so restricted. It cost us 15 cents a minute to call out and the same for incoming if we go over minutes now. We will keep you posted (no pun intended) on the phone status.
A very busy couple of days in town just getting started, You may or may not hear from us again until Friday. We should be back home on Thursday but usually we are wiped out after the town / river trip. There is not much to post from town, as it is just the hectic life of the city.
Thanks for reading!
Talk to you soon.

Hi all. As Roger said it has been wet, wet, wet! And then wetter! I don't like the idea of hauling stuff to the laundromat but the hand washing thing is really hard on my hands. Especially jeans and things like that. With any luck all of the stuff we need  to do and get from town will happen so that we can came back home Thursday. Going into Wasilla is busy enough and this time we have to go to Anchorage too.
Time to get moving so that we can get some stuff done in town yet today. It will take at least 4 hours to get into Wasilla. And it is already 10:00 and we still need to load everything on the boat.
Blessings, Myra

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