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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just an Update

Let me start off by saying, Myra will have to do the pictures again. I just have not taken the time to get out the camera.

In the past couple of weeks we have accomplished a lot more around here. It might not sound like much to some of you but, if you have ever tried to get things done in the bush you will understand.

We have all but completed our move from the Post Office property back to our cabin. The only things left at the Post Office is things we will move in the winter. 2 more snowmachines, a roto-tiller, my freight sleds and that is about all. It was only an 11 mile move but we did it all by hauling things from the house down to the boat in a 4-wheeler wagon, load it on the boat, go 11 miles down river, unload the boat onto 4-wheeler wagon, haul it to the cabin and un-load it, put it away or put it in temporary storage and make another trip. Sounds easy, Right ! I don't know how many boat trips we made total but it was somewhere more than 15 and you can triple that number by 4 wheeler, on both ends of the trip. That's about 90+, 4 wheeler loads. Plus we received 2 barge loads of supplies from town and had a barge haul 2 of our snowmachines from the PO.

The Out house is completed and has an electric light. I buried a wire from the cabin to the outhouse about 60', Check.
The restroom Walls, Shelves, Vanity and drawers are built upstairs, Check. I still have to finish the plumbing and wiring, that is today's project.
The Wood Stove is re-located,Tile flooring under it and we are using it, Check.
The 200 gallon water storage is complete and functional in the root cellar, Check.
The back yard light and back porch lights are installed and functional, Check.
The potatoes and carrots are all canned or frozen and stored for future use, Check.
Myra's craft area is almost completely organized and put away (That's a MAJOR accomplishment) Check.
The TV, Stereo and Surround Sound system is installed including speakers upstairs. We have one of the nicest sound systems in the bush, I am sure, Check.
The "Tarp-ma-hall" has been taken down with some help of the fall winds. Everything that was under it is now either put away, "toted and tarped" or blown back to the Post Office or somewhere in-between.

We have decided to put off installing the flooring down stairs and the rest of the remodel for a couple of weeks. Once I complete the plumbing for the restroom we are going to work on a new workshop. We are going to put up a ruff skeleton of a building and put down the floor. Then we are going to cover it with a tarp so I have a place to work. Since the winds of Fall won't let a hanging tarp stay in place anymore it is becoming difficult to get much accomplished. It has only been a couple of days since the "tarp-ma-hall" has come down but it makes a noticeable difference.

It is still Fall here. The temperatures have been quite moderate so far with only seeing freezing a few times but the wind and regular rain fall is a challenge some days. There is snow in the forecast for next week with accumulations for up to 6" or so coming. I have to hustle to get the workshop foundation in before the ground freezes.

I still have to make one more trip to the Post Office property before freeze up to change the oil in the generator and top off the fuel tanks. I installed an "auto-start" system on the generator a few weeks ago that seams to be working flawlessly. It senses the battery voltage and starts the generator when they need charged and shuts it off when they are full. Once I change the oil again and top off the tanks it should be good for a couple of months to get through freeze up. Oh, I almost forgot, I still have to pour anti-freeze in the drains of the house and pump it into the fresh water system. I have already blown air through all of the fresh water lines and cleared them. The R-V anti-freeze will assure that the fresh water lines don't freeze in the low spots and it will get into the washing machine pump and valves as well as the water heater.

This is the latest in the year that I have ever left the boat in the water and made trips up and down the river. The water is very low in spots and it gets un-comfortable traveling for fear of bumping the bottom. So far, so good though. I don't think I could have done this my first couple of years. I was not good enough at "reading" the river currents to see the deeper channels. It seams pretty easy now however, and I don't anticipate any troubles.
Speaking of the river. It is turning Green and clear. The silt from the melting glaciers is all but gone. The glaciers aren't melting anymore this Fall, or at least not much. I could see about 16" to 18" into the river yesterday. That may not sound like much but during the summer you can not see 1" into the water on the glacial rivers.
The Dogs have been confused about the move back down river. A few days ago they decided it was time to go back to the Post Office property. They had been staying here very close to home but one morning they just decided to leave. They were only gone about 5 hours and we got a phone call saying they were sleeping on the porch of the house at the PO. If you have ever traveled over land up here, you know that 5 hours for 11 miles is a heck of a pace. They were on a mission to "go home". Thankfully our neighbor Willie was up river and he stopped by the house and picked them up and brought them home. Now we only put out 1 at a time or tie Hans up if they are both out, unless one of us is outside with them. They do not leave when there is only one of them, they always "travel" together.
Well, it is time for me to get to work today. One of has to do something since Myra just sits around all day eating Bon Bons and watching soup opera's. Oh, and she cooks, cleans, cans, organizes, puts away, helps me with the heavy or 3 handed stuff, helps haul things, and generally keeps my shit together. Not always hers however!
Thanks for being on our adventure with us,

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