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Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Happenings

Just wanted to post some pictures of some of the completed/almost completed, and newly started projects that Roger told you of in the last post. We have some "detail" work to finish yet but overall the upstairs is done! YAY!!

The Completed Outhouse
 I still need to make a curtain for the sloped area and for door for bathroom. We couldn't build a wall all the way over for a couple of reasons. 1: We would not be able to get anything up or down the stairs and 2: heat, the chimney comes up on the backside of wall and that is what heats the entire upstairs.
The mirror that is leaning against the wall will be hung on that wall.
Craft Area and Bathroom

The backside of bathroom wall which we are going to build shelves for for some of my craft things. I have been planing down some "Patty" wood as we call it to build them out of. This wood got it's name because we got it from our neighbor Patty who takes trees and mills them into wood. 
The pile of "Patty Wood" I am working on.
Future Workshop

Yesterday Roger started laying out his workshop, and today he dug holes for the pilings. That was before he had to go to Skwentna and retrieve Hans and Jeff. Tuesday afternoon they decided to take off again and went back to the house up there again! We were hoping they would get hungry and miserable enough to come back here on their own but it didn't work so...................Anyway they are now back home with us and you can bet that Hans will be on his rope when no one is outside!

I leave you with a couple of pictures of the Trumpeter Swans that are currently hanging out at Mud Lake, aka Swan Lake near us. There were six pair of them out on the lake the day I took this picture.
 Well that is it for tonight. Just wanted to post these pictures. Thanks for taking time to share our adventure.

OK, I have to jump in and make a few pieces of commentary.
The Out House, It has a Real electric light inside. I trenched in a wire about 60' from the cabin so we have light inside.
The pictures of the Bathroom walls does not do it justice. It really looks very neat. Also take note of the sink in the restroom. It has "Real" plumbing. It has Hot and Cold running water and a real drain, as does the shower and Kitchen sink. I feel that is a big accomplishment and a huge change from dumping buckets. We both took a Great Hot Shower the night I got the plumbing done, and we did not have to dump a bucket or pull a pipe back out of a window. Yep, used to attach a piece of pipe and send the water out the kitchen window, from the shower.
I snapped a few pictures of Myra running the planer and dust flying all over but she has chosen not to include them. I don't think she wants proof she is working hard... Go Figure.
There are twelve Piling holes dug for the new work shop. Tomorrow I begin cutting the trees. The workshop is going to be a Hybrid log and dimensional building. It should prove to be interesting.
OK, I am done,,, Thanks Again for being with us. Roger


  1. Looks fantastic! Perhaps you should make a cozy little bungalow for Hans and Jeff, maybe then they would stick around...LOL.

    1. The problem with a Bungalow of their own is I would have to give it permanent heat and a full size couch for them to sleep on. Wait, then when I tick Myra off I would have a place to sleep...... Hmmmmm