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Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Got Snow and Help

Myra and I are in Ohio. We have a neighbor named Willie checking on our place and running the generator for us while we are gone. I recieved this email this morning from another neighbor of ours that helps out alot around our little island in the forest.

"We got 10" yesterday, then 12" overnight and they are forecasting 6 to 12" by the time it tapers off this evening.... temp is +26, .... Willy reports that he got over to your place and cleaned off your tents.... and that was between 6 and 7 AM..... He had to walk part way, but got the job and is back home..... Andy and I were planning on going up at daybreak to give him a hand.... will still do that at least to get some trails opened up.... otherwise all is good.....

Happy New Year!!


All I can say is THANK YOU to those that are helping to take care of our place in our absence. I think I am learning that this may be a bad time of year to be away from home. This much snow needs a lot of attention to keep it from doing damage and be travelable.
Thanks again to Willie, Tom and Andy!

PS: We had a great New Years Eve with Friends and Family. Got to visit for many hours and seen one sister that I have not seen in two years. Had fun with ALL!

Talk to you all again Soon,

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  1. I have enjoyed the blog, thanks for putting in the time with it. My name is Barry Munsell and I am friends with John and Carol Bradley the former owners of your cabin. I got to spend some time there at the cabin myself, helping John with the work and really enjoyed it. Keep enjoying the dream.