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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quiet Sunday Morning

Sunrise at the Phillips; These pictures are from our bedroom window. Isn't it cool how God keeps trying to out-do himself!
I have been outside and it is so Quite I am pretty sure I heard a Bear snoring in its' Den!
Maybe just kidding about the bear but it is really still. What a beautiful day. It is -5 degrees, not a breath of air moving and the Ravens are talking back and forth across the forest occasionally.

It has been a pretty eventful week after being gone for soooo Long. We have managed to get some of the essentials done. The yard and trails are pretty well packed down, but still not groomed. We got the chimney cleaned for the wood burner. We got the high roof of the cabin shoveled off for the first and hopefully last time this year. We got the collapsed barn pretty well cleaned out.
We put the fuel barrels and some of the building supplies in the shop.
Most of the totes went under the cabin. Notice the "extended" hole I dug to get under the cabin!
The other more "sensitive items" like the boat canopy onto the back porch. I got the wood pile dug out so we can more easily access the wood, and we have gotten one trip of water.

Now it is time to start the chores: I need to change generator(s) oil, tear down the old barn before it snows, clean up the recently inundated shop, fix the Roof snow rake (it got broken moving heavy compacted snow), Get more water, pump gas into cans, groom the trails, fix the tongue on the skwagon (I broke it hauling too much stuff from the stuck freight sled), and of course there is bread to make, clothes to wash, cabin to clean etc, etc,etc.

Speaking of cleaning the snow off of the roof; I did some calculations. According to my figures we had over 600 cubic feet of heavy compacted snow on the high roof. According to the Internet resources this snow is about 20 lbs a cubic foot. That my friends is over 12,000 lbs of snow on the roof. There was not near that much on the canvas barn that collapsed, only about 1000 lbs.

I tried to take some pictures at the seep where we get our water, but I have a new camera (yea) and I goofed them up. I had to dig out several feet of snow to find our water supply. either the weight of all the snow or the last bigger earthquake knocked down the water feed pipe and collapsed my little pond. I had to re-do the pond and the pipe and cut a shelf on the ice from where the water had been running. It was a pretty long project to restore our water supply but we have it back now.

I will post more soon,
Thanks for letting us share our adventure!
See Ya,

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