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Saturday, January 22, 2011

1 16 2011

I typed this on 1-16 but have not had internet access until today.


I have some news that I would rather not share but it is all part of our adventure of life.
My stepmother passed away about 4:00 this morning in Coldwater Hospital in Michigan. She had gone in for laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and there were complications during recovery. She had surgery on Thursday and passed away on Sunday early morning. I will not go into anymore details, other than to say at 85 years old, no surgery is a minor surgery, but she was not doing very well before hand because of the need to have the problem fixed. God has other ideas for her this day.
I was due to fly home to Alaska today and instead my flight was changed to back to Michigan and I am now staying with my Dad at his home near Jonesville Mi.
Myra did fly back to Alaska and will be attempting to go home on Tuesday if the weather warms up a little. It was -41 degrees at home today according to a neighbor and that is too cold to travel on snowmachine safely. Can you believe this lady is going to the wilderness of Alaska by herself (with the help of neighbors) to take care of our home.
I am now scheduled to return to Alaska on Monday 1-24, late at night.
My Dad and stepmom were married on 7-6-1974 when I was a young teenager. They have resided in the same home the entire time, near Jonesville Michigan. They are on a few acres in the country and have a very nice setting. They have had a pretty nice life together. Dad is a retired truck driver and Mom was retired from an industrial job. They have been retired for many years now, and spent the majority of their time together.
I was looking for a note pad this evening and Dad handed me a spiral notebook. I opened it and the first few pages were covered with scores from the two of them playing Dominoes with each other. It brought quiet tears to both of us. We will bury her later this week.
Your Thoughts and Prayers are already appreciated.

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