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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Routine?

Let me start off by saying Thank You to all who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. Without your sacrifices things like this blog would not be. Thank you.

Jeff and Hans

OK that said now it is my turn to let you know how life is for me today. I have no "routine" per se other than if it needs done, do it. LOL Most days Roger gets up before I do, he is a morning person, I am more of a night owl. He will usually let me know when the coffee is ready unless it is really early like this morning. (He got up at 6:30 for some reason). I was awoken at about 8 when he yelled at Hans to "KNOCK IT OFF"!!!!!!  Apparently Hans was chewing on the underside of the house. He loves to chew on wood and loves to grab a hold of roots etc and try to pull them loose. He is such a puppy! Oh wait he is only 6 months old. Sometimes it is hard to remember since he is bigger than Jeff.

Roger "cooking"

Medium Rare Rib eyes Mmmmmmmmmm!

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah time to get up. Coffee, Internet, Farmville. Got to keep those crops and animals alive right? It's just practice for the real ones. Get dressed, do dishes if needed, they do NOT get done everyday. That would take too much water so I do dishes when necessary. Which means either we are out of silverware or out of counter space to stack the dirty ones. One way of saving on the amount of dishes we dirty is to cook in the wood stove like tonight. When I had asked Roger what he wanted for supper he said he was in the mood for beef. Anyway he pulled a couple of rib eyes out of the freezer and we were talking of ways to fix them when Roger said something about cooked over fire. Well I was off and running with that one. How could we possible cook them inside the wood burner? We don't have a basket thingy like some people use on grills for fish or hot dogs so how could this be done? Steaks over a wood fire just sounded wonderful and I was going to figure out a way by golly. So I started looking at what I had for cooking on the grill and over a campfire and BINGO! Two really big long handled cooking forks and some S hooks squeezed together and WALAAAAAA!

There is always cleaning of some type or other that needs done, laundry, cooking, making bread, sewing curtains, and then do it all over again. It is a continuous cycle that you just do. There are some days when I just don't feel like doing it so some of it gets put off but you can only do that for so long or you get buried pretty quick in a 640 sf house. Thank God for the back porch and the "barn" for storing stuff in. Yes Roger is probably right that I have been "bushwhacked" at times. I think some of that is also the time of year. The first Halloween not with the grand kids, and now Thanksgiving coming. We will be lodge sitting between Thanksgiving and Christmas so if the river doesn't freeze up and become safe to travel on by snow machine it may be after Christmas before I get to town. I won't go by myself, not like Roger would let me anyway, even though I hopefully have my "crash" out of the way. I was just trying to get it over with early. Actually I was paying too much attention to the dogs and not enough to what I was doing and where I was at. Oh well, lesson learned, the dogs will have to watch out for themselves.

I posted a picture of the Let It Snow sign before but I think someone read it as you can see. This isn't even since the last snowfall but the one before. Now you can't even see that little bit of Santa.

I could post tons and tons of pictures of the sunset from last night but I will do that later. It is getting late and I am about ready for bed. So here is one of them, again an incredible, indescribable unbelievable show of God's Handiwork. On those days when I am struggling with the isolation and missing family and friends it seems that God gives me a show like this to again remind how blessed I truly am. I have a wonderful husband that I finally am getting to know, usually even like him, 4 wonderfully fun and funny animals, a roof over my head, food in my belly and some of the most incredible scenery imaginable. I truly am blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you all for sharing it with us. Blessings, Myra

What could I possibly say?


  1. WOW!! That looks like a Christmas card!! Beautiful picture... I enjoy reading your blogs and always look forward to doing so

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. An adventure for me is going to McDonalds with a grumpy kid, waiting in the drive thru line only to have the order be wrong when we are half way home.

    Ok.. I realize that's not much of adventure, but remember where I live... OHIO!!Ugh haha

    Take care,
    Jan R

  2. Myra, dinner looks delicious, but the sunset is best of all. Amazing, simply amazing. God is good.