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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Update

I don't have much at all today but wanted to touch base with everyone.
The snow machine "Lucky" just might not be at fault for all those broken mirrors? Myra and I went for a short ride the other day. It was her first time out on the machines this year. I warned her of how soft the snow is (top 6 or 8 inches anyhow) and told her to shift her wieght and lean in extreme because it was like driving on water. I was riding Lucky and was leading out our back trail. I got to the end of our property and stopped to look back before I turned onto the next trail. NO Myra. I turned off my machine and listened, No Myra. I hollard loudly and I hear a return "something". I hollard again and I hear "I got it back up". Well, to make a long story short, when I got back to Myra she was still cleaning the snow off of her glasses and staightening them. It seems she went in face first as she fell off the machine as it was tipping over.
No harm, No foul, she did not get hurt and neither did the machine, but her face sure did get red from the cold for a few minutes, lol.
Anyhow, she now leans to extreme on the little hills and corners and no more incidents have taken place.
Over the last few days we have gotten about 13" of fresh powder snow that has settled down to about 8" of fluff now. this is on top of 6" of very hard packed base. The temperatures have been in the single digits the last couple of nights, 2 degrees last night, and a high of 12 yesterday.
The river has the most ice on it I have seen so far. Neighbor Eric came by yesterday, during conversation he said in his experience that it appears to be about 2 more weeks for "Freeze Up" maybe three at the absolute most. Of course he then added the disclaimer that, God is in charge and this is always subject to change.
Oh well, still here for now, and living the dream.
Thanks for being here,
See Ya

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