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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Northern Lights

A few nights ago Myra and I had our best viewing of the Northern Lights I have ever had the privilege to experience. Myra had never seen a show anything close to this as we have only seen Green streaks and glows since we got here until now. I guess we had a good show a few weeks ago about 4:30am according to a neighbor but we slept threw that one. I have seen the Lights while fishing in Canada a few times but never got to see a show as big as this one.

The pictures are not great but we were learning night exposure as these were taken. Next time will be much better I hope.

Myra and I were so impressed by what we seen from the back yard that we wanted to see more. It was about 10:00pm and we went in and got our cold gear on, then fired up the snow machines and went out onto the river. We went into the middle of the bend in front of our place where we were a mile or so from the woods to the East and West. We had a fantastic open view. There is not even a hint of light "pollution" out here from any city or town. The sky was perfectly clear and the stars were glistening. The moon was a sliver and the snow was sparkling.

The Northern Lights would change from a dim glow to streaks across the sky. Sometimes you could look up and think "Oh no, they are ending" and then they would begin to strengthen. We had them come from West to East all the way across the sky from Horizon to Horizon going straight over head. Long streams of waving white and green changing in intensity. sometimes they would roll, sometimes they would pulsate, other times they would look like the wind blowing fog. They dimmed down once for and extended period and we started talking about going in and God must have heard us (It is all about us, Right?)

The Eastern sky begin to light at the Horizon, First a stream of Green light, then brighter and brighter turning White, Then the real show began. Most of these pictures were taken from this period. (It had taken us this long to figure out how to get the camera to hold the exposure. We had already put the tripod away so Myra hand held the camera for these, holding her breath trying not to move for several seconds with each picture) The sky was changing every second. We had White and Green with Blue rolling through. Then the Reds started glowing on the edges and "running" up and down, looking like water running down the side of a rock along the Green then it would flow back up and Run down again. Then we had burst like sun rays come from the Horizon and shoot up from behind the trees with Blue Red and Green. Oh My God how can I describe what we stood in the middle of !! ??

The bright spot (In the one picture) is the Moon (blurry). At this time the Lights were going all the way across the sky.

Should we ever be lucky enough to experience this again we will try to capture clearer images for you.

I have plenty more to tell, about other things, but I catch some grief about making these post too long. I will try to post again soon and often for a little while so I can catch up on other happenings. I am just trying to keep them from being a long reading task for all of you. Of course, I am interested in hearing a vote on lenghts of the blog post. You know only the squeaky wheel gets heard. Maybe you would like multiple subjects in one post? Shoot me an email or comment below.
It is a Pleasure and a Privilege to be able to share this experience with you.
Thank You for being here.

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