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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Morning of Iditarod weekend

It is the Saturday of Iditarod weekend.
The river has been crazy with traffic of snowmachiners. I have no idea how many people will be along this river this weekend but, it is a Lot!

I got the fuel pump and the voltage regulator replaced on the little snowmachine yesterday, then repaired a leaky radiator hose, then made a guard for it on the two up machine. Also went to get water, stocked the wood box on the back porch and took Hans for a run.

Today is make a new latch for the seat of the Skandic snowmachine (Myra broke it during a minor tip over accident trying to avoid running over a dog a few days ago), then go get another load of water ( Did laundry, dishes, now showers - lots of water) and Then,,,, Iditarod stuff.

Myra and I are leaving for Yentna Station Roadhouse about 2 - 2:30 this afternoon. Myra is going to help cook for the Iditarod party tonight, then we get to participate in the party. Tomorrow is the Iditarod Race. Monday I am taking a few snowmachine tour people back down river. Myra and I won't be back home until Monday evening. We are taking the dogs with us and staying at the Roadhouse. The dogs will have to be tied during the race.

I am taking the freight sled with empty fuel barrels and will actually lead the tour people while hauling my empties down river. That way while I am at the landing I can get fuel for us. While I was hauling freight I went threw a lot of fuel but never had room or weight capacity to haul any for myself.

It is a real privilege to be able to take Hans for a run. He is a beautiful creature to watch. He will run right beside the snowmachine (most of the time) for miles on end.

I have had him out for as far as 9 or 10 miles none stop at 10 to 20 miles an hour. I let him choose the pace he wants to run most of the time. He is amazing. He dips his head down and scoops snow while on a dead run, to get a drink or wet his mouth or cool off (or all three). Not to be gross but he goes poop and pee while running. He loves to run and he does not want to stop. I know that he is off spring of an Iditarod dog so if I chose to train him to run farther he would. The Iditarod dogs run over 120 miles a day, taking a 2 minute snack break about every one to two hours. Then only a few hours of total rest with a big meal. Then back out on the trail again.

The first video is Just Hans running. The second video is after about 7 miles. We are on a very hard trail and he wasn't able to scoop snow right off of the trail so he dipped into the deep powder on the side. He kind of crashed and I caught it on camera.

Thank you all so very much for being interested in our life here. To be able to live a dream is beyond words of description.

What a wonderful gift to live!



  1. It is exciting reading about the race from your account. I hope you have a wonderful adventure.

  2. After talking with Myra on the phone the other night I went to bed and turned on the tv as normal for some "white noise". There was a program on Animal Planet about the sled dogs and the "Great Race". Found out the Iditarod is a commemoration of a run made in 1925 from Neanna (don't know where that is) to Nome carrying a serum for a diptheria epidemic in Nome. The sleds made it 674 miles in 27.5 hours and saved hundreds of lives. There is a statue of Balto, the lead dog on the last relay in New York City's Central Park.