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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

Ok so it has been more than a week since I posted. Sorry.....

As I sit here thinking about writing this blog it has dawned on me that it was 2 years ago today that we left Ohio. Wow.....some days it seems like yesterday and others it seems like it has been forever. So much has happened in the last two years. Most of what has occurred has been chronicled here on this blog. The good, the bad and the ugly......

Anyway back to what has been happening. The last post was pretty much about the Iditarod so I will try and pick up from there. I continued to work at the Skwentna Roadhouse part time and Roger spent lots of time on the snow machine hauling freight and also doing tours. I will let him tell you of his adventures. 

I made another trip back to Ohio in March which was unplanned. On the 17th I received a call that my dear friend Louise was in the hospital and it did not look good. She had been battling breast cancer for about ten years with metastasis to the liver and spine. I made arrangements to go to Ohio flying in to Anchorage on the mail plane on the 22nd. I was hoping to get to Ohio before she passed away but it was not to be. As we were at the airstrip in Skwentna waiting on the mail plane I received the call that Louise had passed. I went on to Ohio with a heavy heart to celebrate her life with other friends and family. The one great thing out of that trip was spending time with the grandkids and kids and being there for Easter, coloring eggs with the kids, Easter egg hunts, going to the park and ball practices. I returned to Alaska on April 10th, did a little shopping and flew back out here to Skwentna on the 12th. 

April 14th Roger and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. We went over to the roadhouse where Cindi fixed us an awesome dinner of king crab and halibut cheeks with sides. It was great. The snow was slowly starting to disappear, the river was still OK, not good enough for freighting anymore but still able to cross.

We made a couple of trips down to our cabin to get the "last" of our stuff during the first part of April. I think we may finally be moved in here but we all know what thinking does. We have finally gotten everything out of the totes and put away. My craft stuff is "organized" and I have been able to do a few cards. Roger has been busy working on things around here, getting a boat repaired and usable, cutting and splitting wood, sorting stuff and the list goes on and on. 

The ice on the river went out on April 29th this year. The dogs actually had crossed the river that morning and came back about 2 hours before the ice moved out. Whew.....that was too close for comfort in my book. 

Here are some pictures of our location.
View from the front porch of the house

The above picture was taken standing on the front porch of the house. The buildings from left to right are the "old house", wood shed, post office (way back in the trees, just barely visible in this picture) the cache with the gen shed/workshop behind it.

The "Old House"

The Wood Shed with PO in background
The old house is the Iditarod checkpoint headquarters for Skwentna. This is where the cooking, planning, etc takes place. 

The Cache and Generator Shed/Workshop
As you can see there is still a lot of wood to be split and stacked into the wood shed for winter. 

Roger has been busy pulling snow machines out of the woods around here and amazingly many of them started! 

The Mutts
The picture with Roger reaching up to the window was taken on May 20th. As you can see there is still a small little bit of snow there on the ground. The snow right here had been so high that Hans was able to look at us through the window and we could see his paws about where Rogers hand is. Part of the depth was due to snow sliding off the roofs right there but the snow was deep enough when packed that you could not see this porch that Roger is standing by. The snow in the yard is finally all gone and we are looking at getting a spot tilled up for our garden in the next day or two. I have some plants started and Roger is going to pick a few up in town next week when he goes in to get his fishing supplies. That is something I am not going to get for him! No way no how!!!!!!!!!!

The house with guest cabin in background
This past Tuesday we went down to our cabin and got our boat, visited with the neighbors there and I did my first solo in the boat. Roger had taken our 4 wheeler over to where our boat was and he and Tom got it put in. He then came around with the boat and got me from our cabin with the boat as the trails where MUD, MUCK, YUCK! He had trouble getting through and there was no way I was going to do it as I am not "aggressive" enough on the 4 wheeler so I ended driving the boat around to our landing while Roger brought the 4 wheeler back. And then I drove the boat back up here to Skwentna following Roger in the boat we had gone down there in. That was my first solo in the boat and the boat came through unscathed! I will be using one of the boats to go across the river to get to the roadhouse this summer so I better keep practicing. especially my "docking" and securing the boat. It really sucks when a boat goes for a trip without anyone. 

May you all have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.  Thank You to those who serve and have served our country. 

Thank you to for taking time to share our life with us. Talk to you soon,


  1. I would hate to think of moving with a moving company or a Uhaul and help. I can't imagine how many trips it took to take everything by sled or boat! I hope you take the time to relax and enjoy your new deluxe accomodations!

  2. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!! Is anybody up there? I sure hope bears didn't eat Myra and Roger. Only 3 posts in 2012. They must be very busy running from those bears.