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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011 / OMG

I posted at the beginning of the month that I have been busy. I know that one must be careful what they ask for in prayer with God but I did not know talking about being busy could only make you busier. Well, I am not sure if I got busier but my families life certainly did.
The last time I typed an update I was getting ready to fly to Ohio for Mandy's wedding. A world of events have happened since then.
The weeks before and since the wedding went something like this, my days might be off by one but the accounts are all accurate.
On the Tuesday before the wedding Myra's grandmother passed away. She was only a couple of weeks from being 101 years old. Grandma lived a long and wonderful life and was a gift to the world. God bless her and remember all of her family in your prayers. On Wednesday before the wedding Myra's Mom (one day after Grandma) was found on her kitchen floor, unable to get up and disoriented. She was taken to the hospital and admitted for extreme dehydration and other problems. I flew to Ohio for the wedding as planned on Thursday. Needless to say, Myra's life was upside down with grief, concern and joy all at the same time. What a bunch to deal with.
We did all the pre-wedding events and requirements and Myra dealt with her Mom's illness, as she has medical POA for her.
The wedding was awesome. It was outdoors in a park, near a train tracks. We had contingency plans for rain and trains but; the weather was perfect and no trains went by during the ceremony. It was way cool to see my daughter so happy on her day and she is married to a guy I like; how cool is that! I wish them all the happiness and love in the world.
Mandy was married on Saturday, I flew home to Alaska on Sunday. Myra, Mandy and family and other family all went on to Michigan. Grandma was buried on Monday. Myra got on a plane on Tuesday and flew to Florida for her Mom. Myra was supposed to have knee surgery on Wednesday but she postponed it for a couple of weeks. (She is actually in surgery as I type this).
Mom, Myra's mother is not doing very well at all. She was in the hospital for about 10 days and is now in a rehabilitation center. She has a feeding tube, she is down to about 70 pounds and she has a large yet un-determined mass in her lung. Please pray for her comfort and family comfort also, while dealing with Mom's illness.
Myra flew back to Ohio on the 29th and now on the 31st, today, she is having knee surgery. Myra can really use your thoughts and prayers. OMG what a month for her, and here I am in Alaska and she just keeps taking care of things down there while I try to get ready for winter up here.
We are already beginning fall season here. It gets into the 30s at night frequently and leaves are changing on the trees and bushes. Especially on low islands and sunny meadows. The river water level is dropping very fast this week which is signs of things to come. I made my last trip to town yesterday for final fall supplies. I was not going to go to town again after I got back from the wedding but I needed several building supplies to complete some projects for home improvement.
I have completed the wood shed structure but still need to get our wood cut up and split. I dropped all of the trees last year for this years firewood and I sectioned the trees into logs and stacked them all this spring. I thought I would have all firewood prepared by now but I had no idea how busy I would be fishing this summer. I have no complaints but this fall is going to be hugely busy.
I have to cut up, split and stack the firewood. I have materials and a borrowed mini backhoe to put up a new outhouse. I have materials for the cold storage room that we have not gotten built yet and I have all of the plumbing supplies to put in a drain system for all of the gray water drains in the cabin.
Today I am care-taking at Yentna Station Roadhouse for Dan and Jean and this weekend I have fishermen scheduled for a couple of days. This is my last known (scheduled) guide trip of the year. I may still get a few day fishermen fly in for trout fishing but I know nothing fixed right now.
August was slower for guiding than June and July because of the wedding, the flood on the river and I took a week off to fish with friends from the Quad Cities area of Davenport Iowa that flew up and spent a week with me. That was really cool to have friends come up; I leave an open invite to each of you to come visit this great land. Thanks Tom and Gary for coming, and we had a successful week of fishing. The guys took home 68 lbs of fresh salmon fillets. That is the Fillet'd weight of the keepers they caught.
I have some pictures of various things to post but the connection speed here at the Roadhouse is pretty slow, they won't upload so I will add them later, stop back and visit!
Thanks for being here,
It is a pleasure to share,
See Ya

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